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Jan Sewak Kranti Party to Contest Haryana Vidhan Sabha Elections 2024

Jan Sewak Kranti Party to Contest Haryana Vidhan Sabha Elections 2024, Set to Field Candidates: Jan Sewak Kranti Party has declared to field candidates in the next assembly elections in Haryana. In a press conference organized at Chandigarh Press Club, National President of Jan Sewak Kranti Party, Mr. Ankit Alugh spoke while addressing the media.

Jan Sewak Kranti Party to Contest Haryana Vidhan Sabha Elections 2024He said that it is high time Haryana needs political reforms for the bright future of Haryana. He said, “Our party has decided to field its candidates on maximum number of seats in the upcoming assembly elections. ,” he said.

Addressing the media, Mr. National President Ankit Alugh said, “In the upcoming assembly elections, we will contest with vigor on some fundamental and serious issues. These include education, health, law and order, and employment. There is a need for consistent changes and reforms. There is a need to improve the education system in Haryana, in which the every classes should get the right to equal education, which has been enshrined in the Constitution of India. Also, there should be proper employment opportunities for earning livelihood, which will make life easier.”

Party President Shri Ankit Alagh demanded Right to Recall Act at Municipal Corporation level along with the right to vote. Ankit Alagh said that the general public should be given the right that if a councilor does not work then the public can remove him under Right to Recall.

Mr. Ankit Alugh further said that, “The budget should be increased in the education system and health system in Haryana, the time has come to end the dynastic politics. Our party is committed to represent the people in the best way. If If the public has the right to vote, then the public will also have to ask questions to the politicians. Today, there is a need to move away from the politics of religion and discuss the real issues.

It is worth mentioning that in this press conference, some members of the Aam Aadmi Party left their party and joined the Jan Sevak Party.

Party’s National Spokesperson Mr. Amit Taneja said, “Our party has set a target to contest the upcoming Haryana State Vidhan Sabha elections. For this, many efforts are being made at the grassroots level. Educated and intelligent people have an important role in politics to play that politics. Don’t hate it but make sure to share in it.

Mr. Vikrant Makkar, Co-Founder and National General Secretary emphasizing on running a social reform campaign, he said that bypassing the subtleties of politics in the state, there is a need for a new thinking and energy in the society, which should keep Haryana at the forefront of moral and strategic values along with economic progress.

Haryana State President Shri Paritosh Bakshi said that there is a need of efficient executive in Haryana State who should be in the interest of the people and protect their interests. “To eradicate corruption from the root, there is a need to make common citizens aware of their rights and duties. A system should be made to give new employment opportunities to the youth. There is a need for farmers commission to increase the income of farmers. “

In today’s press conference, National Executive Member Shri Yogesh Kataria Ji, National Executive Member and Haryana State Spokesperson Shri Vaibhav Jain Ji, National Executive Member and Haryana Organization Minister Shri Abhishek Thakur Ji, National Executive Member and Haryana State Convenor Shri Sandeep Sharma Ji, Gurugram Vidhan Sabha Spokesperson Shri Vikas Arora, Gurugram Legislative Assembly Organization Minister Shri Raman Mishra, Co-Organization Minister Shri Dinesh Shrivastava, Gurugram Assembly Women President Shri Mati Swati Grover, Draun Mandal General Secretary Shri Sandeep Jawa, Youth Convener Shri Praveen Khatri were present.

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