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Jiva Season 1 Final Episode 5 Watch Online On Netflix App Reddit Spoilers Cast Ending Explained!

Jiva Season 1 Final Episode 5 Watch Online On Netflix App Reddit Spoilers Cast Ending Explained!: On 24th June 2021, Netflix released the much-awaited African Original series named, “JIVA” on their official platform to entertain the audience and upon the release, it has got an incredible response from the fans as well as from the critics for its amazing storyline and also because of the outstanding performance of the lead roles.

Jiva Season 1 Final Episode 5 Watch Online On Netflix App Reddit Spoilers Cast Ending Explained

After releasing all the episodes on the OTT platform, the series has finally come to end, however, the ending was slightly complicated and for many viewers, it was hard to understand what exactly happened in the final episode of this series.


The genre of this series is dance and drama and is created and directed under the direction of Mmambatho Montsho, Mandle Dube and Scottnes L. Smith. Meanwhile, the series is produced under the production banner of Blue ICe Africa and consist of a total of 5 episodes.

The running time of each episode is approximately 26 to 50 minutes and was initially released in the English language. Well, this is not the first time that the OTT platform has released an African Original series, but before, “JIVA”, Netflix released, “Queen Sono”.

The story of “JIVA” revolves around a talented street dancer named, whose whole life is complete until one day, she finds about the 5th JIVA Loxion dancing competition that carries a hefty sum of money.

She is having a  hard time meeting the end needs of her demanding job, also, she is taking care of her entire family, while her love life is a complete mess too, however, most of all, she do not have the time to chase her dream. Therefore, she decides to take part in the dance competition, which will change her life forever.

JIVA Season 1: Final Episode 5 Explained

The title of the 5th Episode was “Fetch your Life”. In this episode, we saw that Nolwazi, Lady E, Vuyiswa and Zinhle moved out to some other place, so that they can do dance practice. For their dance practice, they required a spacious place and therefore, Zo takes them to one of hte place, however, when they saw that place, they seemed completely disappointed, as the place on quite messy and dirty. However, Zo encouraged them to clean that place, so that they can do their dance practice.

In the previous episode, we saw that Ntombi left the team so that she can earn money for her family and therefore, she decides to get a suitable job for herself in order to meet the end needs of her family. In the final episode, we saw that Ntombi meets DJ Sika, who is the owner of a music stall.

She took him to the place where her father used to Ntombi in childhood and later, reveals to him that she is the daughter of Jabu Xaba.

After knowing the identity of Ntombi, Xaba was quite shocked as he could not believe that Natobi is the daughter of the legend and his mentor. In the 5th episode, we saw, DJ Sika and Ntombi sharing a passionate kiss, meanwhile, Natombi once started working in the Marine World.  After successfully cleaning the place, they planned to bring back Ntombi into their team, as without her, “The Trollies” were incomplete. They went to the place where Ntombi works and started dancing crazily.

Ntombi got quite emotional and finally, she gave in to her passion and left her job forever, so that she can pursue her dream. They all quickly rushed toward the venue, where the completion was going on and when they went, they set the stage on fire and finally won the “Jiva Loxion dance competition”. At last, Ntombi made her family proud and also successfully accomplished living a life that she always dreamed of. This is all that took place in the fifth and final episode of “JIVA Season 1”. Stay tuned with us.

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