JW Marriott Chandigarh brings Thai Flavours to City Beautiful


The Café@JW Is Organising ‘Thai Food Festival’- A Taste Of National Cuisine Of Thailand From November 23 To December 06, 2015

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Once again, Marriott is ready to transport the residents of City Beautiful on a delectable journey redolent with authentic flavors of the mystic land of South East Asia. However, the food aficionados won’t have to travel all the way to Thailand to savor the authentic Thai Cuisine. JW Marriott Chandigarh is hosting a Thai Food Festival from November 23 to December 06, 2015 for all the food lovers of the tricity.

The Food Festival shall also introduce JW Marriott’s newly appointed Thai Chef, Chef Sutee Sripichean. Prior to JW Marriott Chandigarh, Chef Sutee has worked at various hotels and resort properties in different capacities in India and Thailand. For the Thai Food Festival, Chef Sutee has curated the whole authentic and flavorsome experience for the denizens of Tricity. Being an expert in Thai and Fusion food Chef Sutee believes that the food should be as visually appealing, delicious and authentic all at the same time. “Thai food is a complex interplay of four to five fundamental taste senses in each dish which amalgamates flavors ranging from sour, sweet, salty, bitter and spicy. Authentic Thai dishes are cooked lightly, are spicy and possess strong aromatic components. It is ensured that the dish maintain balance, detail and variety as every ingredient in Thai food has a distinct personality. For the Thai Food Festival, I have tried to create food that can influence all the senses of a food connoisseur,” he says.


Keeping the mind the characters of Thai food like intricacy; attention to detail; texture; color; taste; and the use of ingredients with medicinal benefits, as well as good flavor, for the Thai Food Festival, JW Marriott Chandigarh shall be putting on platter sumptuous dishes that shall make you crave for more. There will be three menus to choose from with options of salads, starters, soups, main course and dessert. JW Marriott shall also be putting up a live Thai counter for the guests to enjoy exotic dishes like Thai Steamed Fish Mousse, Steamed Vegetable Mousse, Lemongrass Rice, Thai Chicken and S0ya Chap, Khausuey. For the starters there will be Deep Fried Morning Glory, Chicken Wrap Pandan Leaf and Golden Cup Vegetable (Kra-Tong-Thong).

Selection of soups can be made from Spicy Chicken Soup (Aom Kai), Tom Kha Vegetable and Tom Yam Chicken. Thai salads are supposed to be the freshest and the hotel is offering options like Glass Noodle Salad with Mince Chicken, Pomelo Salad and Som- Tom Salad. For the main course, the guests will be able to select from Stir Fried Chicken with Thai Herb, both Thai Yellow and Green Curries, Stir Fried Potato in Dry Chilly Sauce, Stir Fried Bean Sprout with Tofu, Pad Thai Noodles, Jasmine Rice, Stir Fried Vegetables in Ka-Chay Sauce, Steam Fish in Spicy Lemon Sauce, Homemade Tofu in Black Pepper Sauce to name a few. The desserts will have options like Warm Banana in Coconut Milk, Tub-Tim-Krob, Thai-Rice-Pudding, Thai Rice Pudding with Sweet Corn. The welcome drink “Thai Lime Leaf Cooler” too has been thought out keeping the theme in mind.

Sharing the idea behind hosting Thai Food Festival in the hotel, Mr Pallav Singhal, Director of Food and Beverages, JW Marriott Chandigarh said, “We like to do something which will interest our patrons, so we thought what better than Thai. The idea is to treat the residents of the tricity to authentic Thai Cuisine complete with complementary décor and ambience. To give you a complete Thai feel, the servers and the Chef too shall be adorned in Thai attire. We promise you will be teleported to the beautiful Kingdom of Thailand”.

Starting November 23, the ‘Thai Food Festival’ can be enjoyed by guests from 7:30 PM till 11:30 PM (Dinner – The Café@JW) at the price of Rs 2900/- for a meal for two (inclusive taxes).

To savor the delicious Thai delicacies @”Thai Food Festival”, head to The Café@JW and you can also reserve your table at 0172-3955555 or +91 998 889 8309.