Kids Of Kinder Piller Ivy School Celebrated Ice Cream Day


The Kinder piller Ivy School, Brewal Road celebrated Ice Cream day while enjoying different flavors of ice cream. On this occasion  small kids  not only relished the ice cream  but also participated in painting competition of ice cream making. Director Vandana Sharma of school   told the history of ice cream to the children while addressing  and said that  ice cream was first made  in England. Apart from that he also told merits and demerits of eating   ice cream. Little children enjoyed ice cream of different flavors like mango, strawberry, butter scotch, chocolate.

Kinder Piller Ivy School Celebrated Ice Cream Day

Director Babita Sharma said that whatever is told or shown to kids that remain in the mind of kids forever so information about eatables should also be given to them so that they may know the pros and cons of eatables and lead a healthy life .Teacher of school also told the kids to pay special attention to cleanliness in monsoon to stay fit as prevention is better than cure as in monsoon kids are more vulnerable to diseases.

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