Knee Replacement ‘Caregiver’ Patients walk the ramp with panache


Care for the Caregiver program organized by Max Super Specialty Hospital Mohali at Ludhiana

Knee Replacement Patients participate in Bhangra and Dance to Glory 


NewZNew (Ludhiana) : In a gala morning full of fun and entertainment around 350 people from all walks of life gathered to celebrate ‘Care for the Caregiver’ program conducted by Max Super Specialty Hospital Mohali at Hotel Park Plaza Ludhiana today. The meet was a special morning of music & dancing for the caregiver parents who had undergone knee replacement and were accompanied by their sons and daughters. The ‘care for the caregiver’ program was a tribute to the parents who had single-mindedly devoted their lives to nurturing their wards. Amongst the attendees were ex- patients who came forward to express their heartfelt gratitude to the doctor who had treated them over the past decade. They were all excited to dance with their life changer Dr. Manuj wadhwa, Orthopedic Surgeon and a global record holder in joint replacements. Highlighting the  ‘Pre and Post Joint Replacement Life’, the morning also included cultural activities comprising of Punjabi folk dances.

Present on the occasion were Sandeep Dogra, Vice president Operations, Max Hospital and Dr Manuj Wadhwa, Director and Head, Max Elite Institute of Orthopedics and Joint Replacement Mohali. The chief Guest on the occasion was Avinash Rai Khanna, Rajya sabha MP. Also present was Mr Kanwaljeet Soi, Chairman, Road Safety Council Punjab.  Around 22 leading personalities of the region were honored for their outstanding contributions in the field of social change.

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Pic-2In a unique ramp show held as a part of the celebrations, vibrant and enthusiastic knee and hip replacement patients sashayed down the ramp in an exhibition of quality of life despite knee replacement. ‘Caregiver’ parents along with their sons and daughters, most of who had undergone knee replacement as recently as 2 months, exhibited grace and style on the ramp.

A lively and colorful bhangra performance by a Bhangra Group had the post-joint replacement patients dance to their tunes and many from the audience joined in to celebrate the event. An enthusiastic group of patients , nearing their 70’s clad in colorful attires danced to the Punjabi folk numbers and matched steps to the beats of the Dhol to express their ability to get back to normal like after advanced treatment.  A heart rending play on the real life adaptation of an arthritic patient Rajni, depicted the trials and tribulations of a woman’s lone battle with a debilitating disease before her misery finally ends, was presented by the renowned theatre group Yatra.

We try to change the way patients and their families think about and experience joint replacement surgery and develop a comprehensive program that is structured around the fundamental principles of wellness, according to Dr Wadhwa. We develop innovative programs to improve outcomes and provide a superior experience for individuals having hip or knee replacement surgery.“First and foremost, we do not see our patients as being sick,”

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Dr. Wadhwa explained. “Instead, we see our patients as healthy individuals who are coming to the hospital because they have hip or knee pain, and want to live a better live by having joint replacement surgery.”

This fundamental concept of wellness is executed throughout our entire program, which incorporates advanced, minimally invasive, analgesic, and rapid-recovery surgical techniques-with an environment that maximizes patient recovery through education, a culture of early mobility, family involvement, and group interaction. All staff at the Max Elite Centre are chosen to work on the unit because of their expertise; positive upbeat nature, and high motivational skills. The fundamental concept of wellness is also demonstrated throughout the individual’s stay in the hospital. .

“We evaluate each patient on multiple clinical, functional, and patient satisfaction criteria,” explained Dr Wadhwa.

Talking about the advent of female specific knee implants in the country, Dr Wadhwa commented” As more and more women have knee replacement surgery, it is becoming apparent that traditional knee replacements, while highly successful in alleviating pain, may not feel or move like your own natural knee. Women’s knees tend to be narrower than a man’s because their pelvis is wider.  We now have a knee that is designed to accommodate those differences and this knee replacement shaped to fit a women’s anatomy. “Best fit produces best results” and advancements like Female Specific knee implants will now help many women of the country to lead a pain free life and become productive citizen of the country, he added. This new wave of personalization offers not only a precise fit but also would match the human anatomy closely. This special Knee promises an enhanced range of motion and closest fit to the female patients giving them the confidence to do things they always wanted to do, he informed.

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Talking about latest statistics, he said that the number of Indian women going in for knee replacement has risen significantly in the past. In India there is a very high prevalence of OA in women leading to 75-80% knee replacement surgeries. Most orthopedic surgeons therefore had to make adjustments in the traditional implants available before fitting them into female patients. Generally knee implants have thickness in front which gives a bulky feeling to the patient, and as compared to men women often feel more pain post knee replacement, longer recovery time and reduced range of motion, he observed.

“On this day let’s highlight and celebrate “the ever care giving quality of a parent” Commented  Dogra.“Such events key in demonstrating ex-patients Quality of Life despite Orthopedic problems” Thanking the patients for their efforts in putting forth this program, Sandeep Dogra said “Our greatest strength from the very beginning has been an excellent relationship with our patients as well as social organizations of Ludhiana. Needless to say, their contribution has been invaluable in this journey. .”


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