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Launching customised AI Driven treatments for faster and more measureable results

Dr. Batra's® introduces a ground-breaking AI Hair Pro diagnostic tool from South Korea for the 1st time in India

Launching customised AI Driven treatments for faster and more measureable results: Dr. Batra’s® Healthcare, the world’s largest chain of homeopathic clinics, introduces a pioneering innovation with the launch of  AI driven treatments for faster, highly customised and accurately measurable patient outcomes for treatment of hair disorders.

Launching customised AI Driven treatments for faster and more measureable resultsThis cutting-edge scientific and predictive treatment leverages the capabilities of AI, drawing insights from an extensive database of 1.5 million successfully treated patients, across various geographies to accurately analyse scalp issues and prescribe customised treatments with the best possible outcomes. The AI Hair Pro is also able to forecasts the progression of hair loss, enabling timely interventions.

The hair diagnostic tool features two high-definition cameras for detailed and standardized analysis, complemented by four types of medical-grade lights that unveil hidden disorders that are not visible with the naked eye and distinguish between various scalp conditions. With 300 times magnification, it ensures accurate assessments of hair density, thickness and differentiation between the 40 different types of hair loss.

The customized treatments blend the science of homeopathy with international hair growth techniques. Based on AI analysis, personalised treatments have been curated such as AI New Hair Booster, AI STM Booster, for healthier hair growth. The AI Hair Pro ensures the fastest, most precise, and customized results, leading to better outcomes.

Commenting on this new technology in India, Dr. Akshay Batra, Vice-Chairman and Managing Director at Dr Batra’s Healthcare and, The first Indian President of the Trichological Society of London (UK), said, “Dr. Batra’s® has consistently been at the forefront of technological advancements. We are thrilled to introduce AI Hair Pro, an advanced AI technology, for the first time in India, aimed at benefiting individuals dealing with hair concerns. By merging cutting-edge global technology with the time-honored 250-year-old tradition of homeopathy, we are confident in delivering improved outcomes for our patients.”

Leveraging artificial intelligence, this innovative system not only predicts the expected progression of each case, enhancing prognosis accuracy, but also tailors customized treatments for faster and superior results. Additionally, the tool generates scientific patient progress charts and reports, providing measurable outcomes that empower both healthcare providers and patients with valuable insights into the journey towards healthier hair.

The AI Hair Pro treatment option will be available in all Dr. Batra’s® clinics across India and Dubai.

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