Legendary Punjabi athlete Man Kaur, unveils ‘I Love Punjab’ installation at VR Punjab centre, Mohali


A Virtuous Retail signature, the iconic ‘I Love Punjab’ installation that is an ode to the state of Punjab was unveiled by legendary athlete Smt. Man Kaur at VR Punjab

VR Punjab celebrated itsfirst Lohri with a nine-day festival‘Lohri Shagna Di’culminating with the unveiling of the iconic I Love Punjab installation. VR Punjab just as any Virtuous Retail Centre, propagates the philosophy of Connecting Communities© by creating a vibrant multi-use community centre, an urban oasis for families and safe spaces for children and celebrating the local culture and traditions.

The iconic installation was unveiled by an iconic personality who embodies the spirit of the state of Punjab. The legendary Punjabi Athlete Mrs. Man Kaur, who holds world records in the Over-100 years old categories for a variety of sporting events.

Speaking on this momentous occasion, Jonathan Yach, Director Operations, Virtuous Retail said, “The unveiling was a perfect way to culminate our first Lohri festival -‘Lohri Shagna Di’. The festival as well as the unveiling of the’I Love Punjab’ installation are in linewith Virtuous Retail’s Connecting Communities© initiatives.

The nine-day Lohri festival showcased had all the traditional elements of the festival and celebrated the rituals that Lohri comprises of. During the festival, the Centre was decorated with numerous elements that represent Punjabis and their way of life, including a Truck installation, a majestic red tractor, the traditional swing and rickshaw. Each of these interactive installations were highly enjoyed and appreciated by visitors to the shopping centre.

Lohri Shagna Di was packed with an impressive lineup of traditional events that included ‘Boli& Dhol Competition’, folk dance performances, workshops, foodcounters, live performances, kite flying and most importantly the sacred Lohri bonfire amongst others.

 VR Punjab invites the people of Punjab to visit installation, click pictures, and express their love for their state.

Come experience a place inspired by the state of Punjab, inspired by the communities that make it unique, inspired by the heritage that gives it character and inspired by the people of Punjab!