Magic Show at The Holy Wonder Smart School


NewZNew (S A S Nagar) : A magic show was organised for the students of The Holy Wonder Smart School, created a thrilling aura which engrossed tiny kids and drove them into the magical world. The kids were mesmerised to see a bird coming out from a piece of cloth, papers turning to flowers and water pumping out of the ears of their fellow students. School Principal Premjit Grover said such activities serve as stress busters in the hectic school curriculum. “The magic show was a very nice way of befriending children and luring them to science” She further added.

Magician and  his team members presented magic tricks. His performance was appreciated by the audience. Students were left spellbound by the magic items presented by him. His item on hypnotism was especially enjoyed by the students. The magician explained to the students that magic was a skill which could be learnt.

Students took interest in certain magic tricks and were curious to know about them. Milk sucking from thumb and layers of colourful ribbons from container ensnared audience. The magic show drew thunderous applause from children  due to their curiosity.

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