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Mahabali Shera & Balu face-off in the ring

Mahabali Shera

NewZNew (Mumbai) : Gutur Gu is a one of a kind silent comedy TV series based on a character called Balu played by Kunal Kumar – a simple, innocent & hyper enthusiastic character who consistently finds his way into misadventures in his simple & routine life. Balu somehow succeeds to turn mundane situations into indigenous adventures with the help of his family members.

In the recent track the courageous Balu Kumar is set to take on a monumental challenge by taking on one of the best wrestler in India today, in the hope of winning a special price. This wrestler is none other than our very own TNA Wrestler from India Mahabali Shera. Despite his wife Smita’s a.k.a Sheetal Maulik continuous resistance, the fearless Balu doesn’t step down from the fight. Balu who is not scared of his opponent and is willing to wrestle anyone who comes in his way.  Will Balu be able to come victorious in this battle of the bravest or will it be another routine fight for Mahabali Shera.

Kunal Kumar who enacts the role Balu Kumar said, ”The cast was taken aback by the awesome body and build of Mahabali Shera. They all wanted to know his diet and exercise routine and how he managed do it. Everyone was clicking pictures with the boy from Chandigarh who was towering above everyone due to his height. Mahabali also taught the cast a few tricks from wrestling and defence technique. He had to take a lot care to make sure no one was hurt during this shoot sequence as it involved wrestling in the ring.”

Tune into Gutur Gu -3 to roll with laughter only on SAB TV on SAT-SUN at 7 PM

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