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McDonald’s Restaurants in Punjab Have Started Re-Opening

McDonald’s Restaurants in Punjab Have Started Re-Opening: Connaught Plaza Restaurants Private Limited (CPRL), now wholly owned by McDonald’s, is pleased to announce that it has started re-opening its restaurants in Punjab starting July 2, 2019. 

Customers visiting these re-opened locations will experience an enhanced service experience with more customized hospitality, see refreshed menu boards, merchandising and packaging, and of course, taste authentic McDonald’s menu items.

These restaurants are the first to re-open in Punjab following the ownership transition finalized on May 9.

All other restaurants are planned to re-open over the coming days and weeks as we complete the work needed to ensure customers receive the best possible experience when they visit us. CPRL will provide on-going updates of restaurant re-openings.  Customers can access information on their local restaurant at

“We are thrilled to have started the re-opening process and look forward to serving our customers a more authentic McDonald’s experience at these locations now open for business,” said Rob Hunghanfoo, Head of CPRL. 

“Our CPRL teams have been fully focused on the work needed to prepare the restaurants over the past few weeks, and these openings are thanks to their dedication, collaboration and professionalism.”

The work in the restaurants has been focused on a number of key areas, including restaurant and equipment maintenance, technology audits, menu and marketing updates and employee training.

While our customers at these re-opened locations are receiving a McDonald’s experience more consistent with our brand in markets around the world, it will however, take more time to bring a number of core services, like birthday parties and Happy Meals, to customers. 

We are also not able to offer Delivery until we have more restaurants up and running to ensure we can service our usual delivery area.

“Our top priority is always to deliver the highest quality restaurant experience to our customers,” added Mr. Hunghanfoo. “We will continue to work around the clock and plan to gradually re-open more restaurants in the coming days and weeks. While we are confident this will result in the best possible experience for our customers, we sincerely regret any inconvenience the continued temporary restaurant closures may cause.”

McDonald’s remains committed to the opportunities in North and East India and intends to facilitate future growth by continuing to actively progress finding the right Developmental Licensee (DL) for the region.  As this process continues and until the company has secured the right DL partner for the business, CPRL will remain owned by MIPL and its affiliate.

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