Mahindra launches innovative new AMT in XUV300


Mahindra launches innovative new AMT in XUV300: Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (M&M), a part of the US $20.7 billion Mahindra Group, today launched an innovative new Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) version of its popular compact SUV, the XUV300, making it even easier to own and drive.  

Mahindra launches innovative new AMT in XUV300: Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (M&M), a part of the US $20.7 billion Mahindra Group, today launched an innovative new Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) version of its popular compact SUV

This AMT with its auto SHIFT technology will be available on the W8 diesel variant and its optional pack W8(O), at an additional cost of Rs. 55,000 over the manual version.

It will be available for display, test drives & immediate deliveries across all Mahindra dealerships from today. This new variant of the XUV300 will be available in 3 colors, Pearl White, Aquamarine and Red Rage.

Engineered by Italian automotive experts Marelli, the XUV300 autoSHIFT technology offers segment-leading torque of 300 Nm. Its 1.5L turbo diesel engine with an electronic variable geometry turbocharger delivers 85.8KW (116.6 PS) of power, optimizing the automatic gearshifts for peppy acceleration and overtaking maneuvers.

Equipped with the latest technological advancements, the AMT version will especially delight city customers and emerging market segments including women and millennials, all of whom would greatly appreciate the convenience of an automatic in start-stop traffic conditions.

Speaking about the XUV300 autoSHIFT, Veejay Ram Nakra, Chief of Sales and Marketing, Automotive Division, M&M Ltd. said, “At Mahindra, it has been our constant endeavor to offer advanced and accessible technologies to all our customers and we are delighted to introduce the auto shift in the XUV300 for that perfect blend of effortless driving and exhilarating performance. After receiving an overwhelming response for its manual version since its launch in February 2019, we are confident that the XUV300 autoSHIFT will further strengthen the brand’s value proposition and expand the market for us.”

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The XUV300 autoSHIFT is equipped with the following intelligent features

  • Auto and Manual Mode: Available in two modes, Auto mode boosts fuel efficiency and drivability while manual mode provides exhilarating performance.
  • Vehicle Creep: The vehicle can move without throttle input in both first and reverse gear, making driving easy in congested city traffic.
  • Electronic Stability Control: The XUV300 comes with Hill Start Assist technology to prevent roll-back when driving on a hill or moving up an incline.
  • Down-hill, Kick-down Shifts & Anti-engine Stall: Gear shifts are automatically optimized with features to provide optimum power/torque output during overtaking or for quick acceleration.
  • Drive and Reverse Lock Out: This safety feature prevents sudden shifts between reverse and drive modes unless the speed drops to less than 5 kmph.
  • Creep disable on Door Opening: This safety feature prevents the vehicle from moving if the doors are open.
  • Driver Information System with Gear Display: Important alerts and information about the vehicle, such as the current gear, driving mode etc., are available on the Driver Information System.

Know More About XUV300

The XUV300 is a potent combination of cheetah-inspired design and breath-taking performance. Armed with free-flowing torque and nimble-footed maneuverability, the sheer joy of driving this SUV kicks at the moment you step on the accelerator pedal.

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All this, and an arsenal of best-in-segment safety and technology features make it one of the most exciting SUVs you’ll find on Indian roads. The XUV300’s best-in-segment safety features, ‘fun-to-drive’ performance, first-in-segment hi-tech features, impressive driveability, and ride comfort, making it an exciting & comprehensive package.

The XUV300 shares its platform with the SsangYong Tivoli which is a globally successful product that has sold over 2.6 lakh units in 50+ countries since its launch in 2015. The Tivoli has also received multiple safety and ergonomic awards including a Grade 1 safety award from the 2015 KNCAP (Korean New Car Assessment Program), automotive safety test.


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