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Mega PTM received overwhelming support from parents, with more than 20 lakh parents attended

Parents laud education revolution initiated by CM Bhagwant Singh Mann- led Punjab government Parents thanks the Punjab government for launching business blaster scheme, the deployment of campus managers and security guards

Mega PTM received overwhelming support from parents, with more than 20 lakh parents attended : On the invitation of Chief Minister (CM) Bhagwant Singh Mann, Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTMs) received an overwhelming response in 19,109 schools across the state. The invitation garnered a record-breaking response, with most of the parents attended the PTMs at primary and upper primary schools before 10am.

Mega PTM received overwhelming support from parents, with more than 20 lakh parents attended

The schools were adorned with special decorations and selfie points that witnessed a flurry of photographs capturing the moments shared by students and their proud parents.

Amidst expressions of satisfaction from parents regarding their children’s academic performance, there was widespread appreciation for the concerted efforts of the Punjab Government to elevate the standards of all government schools in the state.

Notably, today’s PTM witnessed the participation of more than 20 lakh parents, showcasing the immense success of the initiative launched by the Punjab government.

Expressing satisfaction over improving standards of the education under the leadership of CM Bhagwant Singh Mann in the state, School Education Minister Harjot Singh Bains said that valuable suggestions to enhance government schools were received during the meeting, held from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm, and will be duly considered.

On the occasion, teachers also informed parents about initiatives such as Mission Saksham, Mission 100%, student attendance policies, and new admissions. The parents, in turn, expressed gratitude to the Bhagwant Singh Mann government for initiatives like the business blaster scheme, campus manager deployment, and enhanced security measures launched by the Punjab government.

On the occasion of Mega PTM today, the schools were decorated in a very beautiful manner. Apart from this, the NCC cadets of the schools wing were also welcoming the parents dressed in their beautiful uniforms.  The school also organized an exhibition of products prepared by the students to showcase their art, which was looked down upon by the parents.

In many schools, teachers and parents were also entertained by playing wonderful tunes with student bands.

The library langar installed in the school was also highly appreciated by the parents and told the teachers that their children developed an attachment to general knowledge and literature books apart from school books, for which they are grateful to the teachers.

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