Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing eSignature Solution


    Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing eSignature Solution: With so many eSignature solutions out there, finding the best electronic signature software can be challenging. Not all companies choose the best eSignature solution that works for their business.

    Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing eSignature SolutionThis is the very reason why organizations commit mistakes when choosing eSignature solutions – so you will know how to avoid committing errors.

    Choosing complex solution

    Yes, the electronic signature solution should be intuitive and easy-to-use. The software should guarantee a quick signing process for the users. The users should be able to sign in just a few clicks to execute a signature. Also, the eSignature solution should feature multi-language support to cater to the needs of various businesses.

    Choosing solutions that don’t integrate with existing applications

    Choosing an eSignature solution that doesn’t integrate with current applications makes it difficult to get the data from multiple applications. And, if the solution doesn’t integrate with other applications, you are unlikely to enjoy the benefits of automation. SutiSign can easily integrate with familiar applications such as Google Drive, DropBox, Microsoft, Salesforce and other document management systems. It would be even more comfortable if the solution integrates with a document management system that lets you store and retrieve the documents.

    Not trailing the solution

    The good user interface doesn’t mean signing process is simple. What works for other organizations might not work for you. The ideal way is to use free trails so you can directly see which features work for you and you can also customize the solution as per your business requirements. So, it is imperative to use the trial version before deciding whether the solution meets your needs.

    Going with the solution that doesn’t meet compliance

    Choosing a solution that doesn’t fit all the accepted standards will not work for you. Buying a system that doesn’t comply with regulations specific to your industry is a waste of everyone’s time. The electronic signature software should meet some specific criteria and rules particular to the industry.

    Not considering long-term benefits

    The key purpose of eSignature is to ensure security, improve efficiency and reduce overhead costs. The cost of some electronic signature solutions is very less; however, choosing a solution that doesn’t fit your organization needs will be of no use. Decision-makers should focus on the long-term benefits offered by the electronic signature software.

    Not considering the level of security

    Advanced signature solutions offer a higher level of security for all parties that take part in a transaction. If your business processes are sensitive or would carry risks, selecting a solution that has an appropriate level of security would work for you. To avoid the case of theft, choosing an advanced signature solution featuring a higher level of security is beneficial.

    Choosing a solution that doesn’t give you complete control

    The eSignature software you are considering should adapt to the specific technologies and processes your company follows, but, not the other way around. It should suit your organization’s procedures, policies, and other regulations.

    Not being mobile-friendly

    With employees being on the go and relying on the smart devices for transactions, buying a solution that is not mobile friendly will no longer work. Your eSignature solution should be compatible with mobile and allow users to access the signatures via mobile devices. It is highly essential to invest in a solution that will enable users to quickly sign documents online from anywhere and on any device.

    Once after deciding which departments should implement an electronic signature, which signature solution complies with the corresponding regulations and what level of security is required, you can evaluate different electronic signature solutions available and choose the one that best fits your needs.

    It is essential to understand what you are looking when choosing the eSignature software. It is advisable to consult different vendors before making a purchase. You have to understand what effect it would give to the workplace who has to adopt the electronic signature solution. Training sessions should be conducted for all the people required to adopt eSignatures. Your employees have to understand what an electronic signature is, why it is needed and what benefits they get by using the digital signatures. Indeed, this would avoid some of the common mistakes that many companies do.