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Monsoon Skin Care & Make Up Beauty guide by Purnima Goyal

NewZNew (Health) : MONSOON IS FINALLY HERE and its very imperative for you to alter your beauty care regime. PURNIMA GOYAL, BEAUTY & MAKEOVER EXPERT, SILVERINE SPA & SALON, offers you a  complete guide on how to take care of your skin, hair and feet during Monsoon.


Skin : As weather conditions are changing so you need to change your skin care regimen acordingly. Damp and humid weather harms your skin in a way thru Pollution, dirt, grime and the harmful UV rays of the every skin type faces these problems during monsoon.

Though the the temperature is cooler in monsoon but  problems of greasy skin, flaky itching skin and acne become acute at this time

Oily Skin
Skin is more oily due to the humid weather in this season and people with oily skin face worst time and they must be very cautious as with more oil on the skin problem of breakouts. Go for light-weight moisturiser after bath. Scrub your face twice in a week to remove dirt and grime. Apply a water or a gel-based sunscreen with an SPF 30, to avoid tanning. Use a floral toner before bedtime to keep your skin hydrated. Opt for light-weight and water-proof make-up during this time. Avoid using moisture based face creams or masks and apply gel based products, you can try natural mask of egg mixed with honey or clay pack which shall control oil balance of the skin. Sprey of Tea tree oil would also work best for you, you can mix few drops of tea tree oil in water and sprey on your face this shall control the oil balance of the skin.

Dry Skin 
your skin tends to get drier if you already have dry skin not only this the skin tends to get flaky and itchy. To avoid the problem apply good quality moisturising lotion to maintain nourishment of your skin and always apply  sunscreen with at least SPF 30 or more before stepping out.

you should also clean your skin with cream based cleanser, hydrate it and use alcohal free toner to keep it moisturized. You can apply the face pack made with milk and honey. Pack of crushed naariyal malai mixed with lemon juice or rose water also works best

Combination skin for tricky and combination skin type cleansing is important with moisturising non soapy cleanser to remove excess oil and hydration of dre skin. While choosing make-up, make sure you opt for the mineral range, as this works the best for combination skin.

Silverine-Purnima-Goyal.Tips for healthy Skin 
Make sure that you drink a lot of water and stay hydrated not only external application but ensure to take well nourished diet, include vitamin E omega 3 in your diet, also take vitamin C. Take diet

NOW COMES THE TURN OF MAKE UP. Patchy make-up, bleeding lipstick and mascara streaking down your face. Oh no! You don’t want to end up with that washed-out look. Even when it is not pouring, the high humidity levels can make your make-up melt. Either way, you need to build your defenses. A bit of caution and some common make-up sense can help you look great even if you are caught in a downpour.

Foundation : The best thing to do this season would be to go for the minimalist look. If you are like me and love make-up, stick with water-resistant foundation. However, use it as sparingly as possible.
If you are indoors and fear humidity rather than a downpour then layer your make-up to make it waterproof. Apply your foundation and then use powder to pack it in. MAC Studio Fix is a good product to use in such conditions.  Avoid using thick, creamy concealers. They may bleed and run—stick to matt ones instead. For dry skin the best thing to use is a light-tinted moisturiser with an SPF.

Eyes No kajal, please! Put all your kohl sticks away for the time being as kajal will bleed and create faux dark circles under your eyes. Yikes! To get your eye make-up right this season use a primer or gel-based productGo for gel-based or water-resistant eyeliners. Use them to support the lash line rather than applying them thick.

Transparent mascaras (such as  Clear Mascara) are great for daily wear and will shape your lashes beautifully without streaking your face. For more definition though, you could use black waterproof mascara  which are readily available. You should avoid using mascara on the lower lashes.

Line your lips with a nude colour pencil and fill in. You may go over it with the tones you are wearing. Fill in using a long-lasting lipstick.. If you find this too dry, top it up with a clear gloss Bright lip colours are in. However, if you are not comfortable wearing them tone them down by adding a bit of foundation.

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