Motu Patlu AurKhajane Ki Race on NICK


Motu-Patlu-aur-Khazaane-Ki-RaceNewZNew (Chandigarh) : The awesome twosome Motu Patlu are all set for a new comic adventure this January. After saving a cute doggy from villain Mr. Chamko’s men, Motu Patlu realize that the goons were after a locket around the dog’s neck which has a map to a hidden treasure on the Christmas mountain. While Motu Patlu want the locket for the betterment of Furfuri nagar, the villain Mr. Chamko has evil intentions. He hires Jon the Don while Motu Patlu take the help of Inspector Chingum, Dr. Jhatka & Ghaseetaram who all start a chase to the mountain for the hidden treasure.

Watch Motu Patlu aurKhazaaneki Race on 26th January at 10.15 am, only on Nick.

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