MUD ART portrait of Mahatma Gandhi in a colossal size of 40 ft* 20 ft at Hallmark School


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, Hallmark Public  School kids  took a peace pledge on Thursday.   Hallmark’s MUD ARTISTS/MENTORS: Ms Taranpreet Kaur and Ms Chhavi Madra with the students of HALLMARK’s “DIRTY-HANDS ART CLUB” created a portrait of Mahatma Gandhi in MUD ART with special Relief Design in a colossal size of 40ft* 20ft. to mark the occasion , It took seven   hours to prepare but students and mentors really enjoyed.


Gandhi ji loved nature and we followed his footsteps and used earth and lime to make Gandhi ji.  At Hallmark we are commited to do innovative and unique effort for the wholesome development of our kids said Director of Hallmark school. Students were given a brief talk on the importance of trust and harmony in our lives, while being made aware of crimes, atrocities, killings against men, women,children and nature.

All students and teachers sang Gandhiji’s favourite bhajan written by NarSinh Mehta ” VAISHNAV JAN TO TENE RAHIYE ” in an aspect to imbibe Gandhiji’s teachings in in our lives. Our effort on this occasion is to deliver key message of Gandhi ji to kids said  Principal Kavita Wadhwa.

She further added Gandhi ji daily prayer incuded Vaishnav jan according to which Vaishnavs are those who,
Feel the pain of others,
Help those who are in misery,
But never let ego or conceit enter them.

Vaishnavas, respect the entire world,
Do not censure anyone,
Keep their words, actions and thoughts pure,
The mother of such a soul is blessed.

Vaishnavas see all equally, renounce greed and avarice,
Respect women as they respect their own mother,
Their tongue never utters false words,
Their hands would never touch the wealth of another.

All problems will end from this world if we all adopt these qualities

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