New Angriest WHOPPER™ Sandwich with Red Bun debuts at BURGER KING®


After a huge success in the US, launches in India on 15th April

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : BURGER KING® restaurants in India are unveiling the Angriest WHOPPER™, a furiously delicious sandwich atop a fiery red bun baked with hot spices. The Angriest WHOPPER™ sandwich packs a punch in every infuriating bite with crispy angry onion petals, spicy angry Habanero sauce and zesty jalapenos piled high atop the patty and layered with a slice of cheese, lettuce, ripe tomatoes, and creamy spicy mayonnaise between the red-hot buns. The Angriest WHOPPER™ sandwich is a limited time only menu item and will be available from 15th April across all BURGER KING® restaurants in India.

Commenting on the launch of the Angriest WHOPPER™ sandwich in India,  Mr. Rajeev Varman, Chief Executive Officer of the BURGER KING® brand in India, said, “Consumer tastes in India are evolving and they are now ready for experimenting with new tastes and experiences and we as a brand are committed to introduce a whole new experience in burgers in India. After the hugely successful response to the Big Boss WHOPPER™ sandwich and Chicken Fries from the consumers, we decided that it was time to introduce another innovative product in India, this time with a red bun. The Angriest WHOPPER™ sandwich is a furiously delicious sandwich atop a fiery red bun, baked with hot spices, added angry onions, angry sauce and jalapenos. Each bite packs a fiery punch and that makes it a ‘Must Have’ burger of the year!”.

The Angriest WHOPPER™ sandwich will be available in Veg, Chicken and Mutton and will be served in all BURGER KING® restaurants till 30th May 2016.

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