New atelier of Cleopatra by Richa Aggarwal took makeovers, style and pampering to premium heights



NewZNew (Chandigarh) : The razzmatazz was witnessed by the glitterati and fashion icons The brand new outlet of Cleopatra, would essentially serve as a complete makeovers and beauty junction. The CLEOPATRA BRIDAL LOUNGE is primarily focused on providing holistic makeover and aesthetic solutions to beauty connoisseurs.

Other then all three femina Miss India present on the occasion were stunning models who  sported princess  makeovers by the makeover maestro, Richa Aggarwal. The salon also unveiled the avant garde trends of the season along with the seasonal skin care solutions. The exuberant beauty queens were  complemented by the expertise of the Cleopatra crew through the magical brushes of Richa Aggarwal.

The launch event of new atelier of Cleopatra, which doubles into a bridal lounge, was also adorned by the presence of eminent guests that included political, social and fashion icons from the tri city and its adjacent region. Their august presence turned the event into an unqualified success and it is expected that the latest makeover address would become an integral part of the beauty regimen of the hip and happening crowd .

Princess makeovers were high on royal glam and accentuated the intricacies of look thru various forms of Solah Shringaar to woo her prince charming  Richa Aggarwal, owner Cleopatra with Harveen,  beauty and makeover expert created  mesmerizing and stunning looks as per the changes in trends and time and used modern and contemporary nuances to give these ageless beauties hint of trendy n subtle makeovers.

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[blockquote author=”Richa Aggarwal said” pull=”pullright”]”I feel honored and privileged to gift CLEOPATRA’S new Branch to Chandigarh. This new place by Cleopatra boasts of being Chandigarh’s first luxury and exclusive premium beauty hub who want the best and most refined in makeup, hairstyling and skin care. Spread across area of 4500 sq feet this empire of beauty and wellness exudes divine serenity, royal charm & majestic grandeur. I feel overjoyed to launch another extension of Cleopatra today that will add another feather to our cap as we have already made a niche for our self in the state.[/blockquote]

Agreeing with Richa beauty queens jointly expressed ” The occasion  gives us immense pleasure to be here for the launch of new atelier by Cleopatra. We feel privileged & honoured to be invited to this gala launch and really believe that they are doing a great job in their field we have seen their makeovers and have personally experienced the makeovers and found  them of superlative class.Our sincere wishes to them and we hope they reach newer heights in the future. .  We are actually feeling like royal princess adorning royal  makeovers done by Richa Aggarwal and feel like moving in royal chariatt to visit the entire city, The place is beautifully done up and styled luxuriously, just perfect for makeovers of premium category with finesse and perfection.

Cleopatra boasts of Scents of petals, beautiful carvings on the walls, and spacious interiors with comforting decor complemented by supple music Meticulously planned and shaped to provide luxurious feeling Cleopatra epitomises a new scale in beauty, wellness and luxury that indulges your mind, body and soul. Its impressive architecture adds to the finery of place with splendid designs and beautiful work of art incorporated with replica of sophistication and contemporary design.

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