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New ‘Healthy Desserts’ Add Charm To The New Menu Of CBC At JW Marriott Chandigarh

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Get ready for sweet surprises on your next visit to your favourite bakery in city as Chandigarh Baking Company (CBC) at JW Marriott Chandigarh today launched its new and exciting menu.

The new menu has many items which will be baked “Live” on-the-spot on-demand from the guests & will be served “Fresh” to them. Crafted by Chef Manoj Painuly, CBC’s pastry chef, the new menu which reflects his expertise in bakery and pastry art, is loaded with interesting cookies, breads, pastries etc for the patrons to relish.

The new menu of CBC has many of Chef Painuly’s signature creations which include the freshly baked crusty and soft breads which are 100% whole wheat bread. Exquisitely Arabic, the ‘Papa roti’ (a soft bun filled with unsalted butter) is being introduced in the city for the first time. The new menu of CBC includes some freshly made cookies which are a delicious combination of classic ingredients i.e. walnut & chocolate chips cookie, fudge cookie and red velvet. With his expertise in this trade for a decade, Chef Painuly has created pre-portioned pastries which offer a deliciously delicate balance of different flavors i.e. Hot Green Tea Soufflé and Chocolate Molten Cake . These pre-portioned delicacies are baked “Live” in front of the guests and served “Fresh” to them, enhancing the experience of a visit to CBC. The Chef has also worked his magic on frozen desserts to provide the patrons of CBC the impeccable bite i.e. Baked Alaska, Raspberry & white chocolate fudge cake.

At the ceremony to announce the launch of CBC’s new menu, Chef Painuly, who is the brains behind this new menu said, “For this new menu of CBC, we have designed and crafted new products using different modern techniques to please your palate. As industry leaders, the name JW Marriott inspires awe and excitement among our patrons who rest assured in the knowledge that the best of products & services are offered to them on their visit to their hospitality destination of choice. This inspires us to constantly outdo ourselves and reenergize our romance with our patrons by introducing new and exceptional offerings for them. The new menu of CBC is an effort in this regard which will surely excite our patrons no ends.”

Challenging the popular notion that desserts cannot be healthy, the new menu of CBC has added a new ‘Healthy Desserts’ segment which has healthier delights for the guests to relish. “All the ‘Healthy Desserts’ in the new menu of CBC are sugar free, low calorie, low fat and low carbohydrate, ensuring they are healthier yet delicious and luscious,” said Chef Painuly about the delightfully healthier desserts in the new menu. Some of the superb sweet and healthier sensations on the new menu include Chocolate Molten Cake, Multigrain Mango Tart, Green Tea Soufflé, Peach Cobbler and Raspberry flaxseed tart. The healthy desserts are surely light on your waist.

“For instance in the Chocolate Molten Cake, instead of sugar, we have increased the quantity of cocoa to give natural sweetness of chocolate & make it healthier,” added the Chef, giving an insight into the healthier aspect of the new menu. Priced starting from 130/-, all the desserts on this menu are served as a la carte.

In the new ‘Healthy Desserts’ segment there will two signature desserts which will change every day to give the patrons more variety of healthy dessert to choose from.

At the launch festivities of CBC’s new menu, JW Marriott Chandigarh informed that Chef Painuly will be organizing special cooking/baking session for the patrons who will be given an opportunity to learn the process of making healthy desserts. He will guide them on how to make sweet signature desserts from CBC’s menu, temptations which are surly healthier and lighter on your waist.

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