New York City to pay $2.25 lakh to Indian girl over lawsuit


Krittika Biswas

NewZNew (New York) : In a significant legal victory for the daughter of an Indian diplomat, the City of New York has agreed to pay her $2,25,000 to settle a lawsuit she brought against it
after she was jailed for a day and suspended from her school on suspicion of
sending obscene emails to her teacher.

Krittika Biswas has in turn agreed to dismiss all claims against the city, the Board of Education and officials of the New York Police Department who had arrested and detained her in 2011.

US District Judge John Koeltl in the Southern District of New York said in his order that the City of New York agrees to pay Biswas $2,25,000 in “full satisfaction of all claims” and in consideration for the payment Biswas “agrees to dismissal of all claims” against the defendants.

He said the parties in the case “desire to resolve the issues” raised in the litigation “without further proceedings and without admitting any fault or liability.” Biswas’s lawyer Ravi Batra said in a statement the “honour” of Biswas, Indian diplomats and India had been has been “vindicated” with the court order. The settlement acknowledged that Biswas was an “honour student” at the time of her “false arrest.”

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Diplomat’s daughter


  • Krittika Biswas, the daughter of an Indian diplomat, had filed the lawsuit seeking $1.5 million in damages for her wrongful imprisonment and suspension from school.
  • She was detained and arrested in February 2011 on the grounds that she had sent “offensive and sexually threatening” emails to her teachers in Queens’s John Browne High School.





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