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NGO ‘Nanhe Kadam’ Celebrated its 9th Anniversary

NGO ‘Nanhe Kadam’ Celebrated its 9th Anniversary: Region’s leading NGO NANHE KADAM which was started on the propitious occasion of MOTHER ‘S DAY 9th May, 2010 celebrated their 9th Anniversary by honouring nine super women and three super achievers from tricity on the same day to rejoice the moment of its origin nine years ago.

NGO ‘Nanhe Kadam’ Celebrated its 9th Anniversary
??Mrs. Renu Mathur, an internationally renowned Tarot reader and a famous social activist also known as the ‘PADWOMAN’ honoured these super women with the title.

In the past few months, the NGO collected data about some empowered women, who apart from fulfilling their roles as a daughter, wife, & mother are successful in various fields and are also doing social welfare work for society without expecting any awards. So, after finding about them Nanhe Kadam decided to make their 9th anniversary celebration much bigger by honouring these super women. The list of these SUPER WOMAN 2019 #We Matter award includes:

Chief guest Mrs. Renu Mathur who is not only an internationally renowned Tarot reader but is also a well-known social activist also known as the PADWOMAN was honoured with the title.

Speaking on the occasion Renu Mathur- A renowned Tarot reader and a social activist said, “All these women awarded are super women in a real sense managing a balance between their work and personal life. These type of women should be honoured for their different kind of social work done for the welfare of the society so that they can feel that we are women and “we matter” and through this great initiative by Nanhe Kadam the other women will also get inspired by these super women and engage in such social activities which will do the welfare of the society as a whole.”

A special token of appreciation was given to Bingo Media- a PR Agency for his forever good work and support towards Nanhe Kadam.

Present on the occasion Renu Goyal- Spokesperson and vice chairman Nanhe Kadam  said, “I am very happy today for dual reasons first is because Nanhe Kadam has completed nine years of its origination and second is, on today’s eve of mother’s day we are honouring women who truly need to be awarded so that they can understand what’s their real worth. In today’s time I think every women can do something and bring about a change in a society she can be a mother, a daughter,  a social worker  many more things she wants to be. I hope that more such women come forward and help in making the world a better place.”

Awardees women Detail-

  1. Dr. Jyoti Gupta-A pediatric Physiotherapist who also counsels parents of differently abled children to help with their emotional stress.
  2. Ms. Aditi Bhardwaj- A senior marketing professional, who has dedicated her life to care for neglected animals getting them treatment, vaccinations etc. She is a saviour for those dogs and the other animals that are sometimes thrown by the roadside.
  3. Mrs. Paveela Bali-This Environment activist dedicates each moment of her free time to make the environment plastic, air and garbage pollution free and also runs TRC the run club combining fitness with awareness.
  4. Mrs. Kamana Gautam-A certified lactation consultant, a master’s in Nutrition, this mother of two works with tribal’s and underprivileged spreading awareness about breast feeding and menstrual taboos.
  5. Miss Saaniya Sharma-An international golfer, this young lady helps housemaids/ Domestic help who are going through abuse and guides them to get help.
  6. Mrs. Roopshikha-Though she had options, this educationist choose to work with underprivileged. She teaches at a charitable school and also educates the women about their rights.
  7. Mrs. Amita Shukla- Is a well-known media person who writes primarily about women empowerment. Her pen is her sword and she uses it in a great way.
  8. Mrs. Meenu Chawla- Though her calendar is always full due to her role as a mother (to two much focused children) and as the wife of an IPS, this lady finds time to guide and mentor underprivileged children about the importance of education. She is a motivator in the true sense of the word.
  9. Mrs. Rupali Bhati- After a corporate profile, this young mother chose to give up the security of a job to become an entrepreneur. Starting a school for young children giving them a stress free academic environment, and being supportive all the time for those that need guidance is the new life she is living.

The list of these SUPERWOMAN 2019 #We Matter also included three very special women who have stood out for their work and these women who were honoured with the SUPERWOMAN 2019 Achievers Award includes:

  1. Mrs. Amita Marwah (Martial arts)-This Taekwondo exponent teaches martial arts and had sent children from slum areas to compete at national and international levels.
  2. Dr. Kamaldeep Kafra (Pharmacist)-With a busy work life, supporting a doctor spouse, guiding her own kids through their studies, this lady is now guiding the underprivileged around her area about basic health and hygiene.
  3. Ms. Sunila Sheoran (Yoga) – This yoga expert apart from teaching, also works with the physically challenged, helping them to use yoga as a healing tool.
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