newznew (Chandigarh) : Nigella Lawson is back on our screens in the latest Typhoo advert, which celebrates the personal tastes and strengths of the nation’sbrew, including an insight into exactly how the lady herself likes her tea.

The advert sees Nigella guiding ​viewers through a series of different and sometimes surprising scenes, discovering how a variety of Typhoo drinkers take their tea.

Starting in the comfort of a kitchen,the scene quickly changes as Nigella enters the tent of two intrepid explores shocked to see her in a bright red dress, casually strolling through their snow-filled tent as she narrates ‘some like it strong’.Next is an unsuspecting London cabbie driver who is so surprisedtosee Nigella enter his cab he upends an entire sugar sachet into his flask of Typhoo on a rainy London evening. Nigella then quietly strolls through a suburban living room scene, being careful not to be spotted as a young couple disagreeover a number of differing tea coloured decorating swatches.She quickly exits and finds herself in John Sumner’s tea shop in 1903, the year Typhoo began perfecting tea.

The advert ends with Nigella in miniature form enjoying a tea party in a doll’s house. Alongside a robot and bunny, she is seen drinking her Typhoo out of a giant mug, on the search for a slice of cake.

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Commenting on the new advert, Nigella Lawson, said:“Everyone has their own idea of the perfect cup of tea and how it should be made; I like my Typhoo strong but with just enough milk that you can taste it. It’s great to celebrate the individual preferences we all have when making our favorite brew in such a fun and creative way with Typhoo, which has always been my everyday tea of choice”.

Somnath Saha, CEO, Typhoo said: “The British love affair with tea is a serious business and we have been perfecting ours since 1903, helping our tea drinkers enjoy their perfect cup of Typhoo. We’re so happy to have Nigella – a genuine Typhoo lover – working with us again. We all know the perfect cup of tea is a very personalthing and everyone’s taste is different. This campaign celebrates those subtle but significant preferences.”

The full 30 second advert, featuring Nigella Lawson, will be making its debut on TV screens from Friday 12 th May including Take Me Out on Saturday night on ITV.