NIPER student won “Best Presentation Award” at GxP summit at, Russia


Sanika Jadhav, M.S. (Pharm.) from Department of Pharmaceutics has received a special appreciation award, “Best Presentation Award” of worth 50000 Russian rubles at second Russian interuniversity GxP summit with international participation. She is among three students who have gone to Russia on invitation to attend Global GxP summit on Pharmaceuticals.This summit was held in Russia from July 2-7, 2018.

Sanika Jadhav’s (Master Student) research on “Development of Nano crystal line Solid Dispersion (NCSD) of Curcuminoids using NanoCrySP technology” with Prof. Arvind Bansal, Department of Pharmaceutics, and NanoCrySP technology is a patented, bottom up technology developed by Dr.A.K. Bansal lab to generate nano crystals of molecules having poor water solubility. Curcuminoids are having widespread therapeutic effects so development of their nanocrystals has opened new translational avenues in the research field. For generation of bio pharmaceutically acceptable system of poorly water soluble drugs. This technology has been extensively used for development of nano crystals of Curcuminoids obtained from natural source, turmeric.

Deepika Patel’s (Masters Students) research work is on “Solid form behaviour of Cyclophosphamide during Lyophiization (Technology for sterile production) along with Ms.Deepika Patel, Bhushan Munjal, Sandeep Zode and Dr. Arvind Kumar Bansal

Rohini Verma, ours PhD scholar working with Dr. Sanjay M. Jachak and her research work is on “Evaluation of Nutraceuticals and their phytoconstituents for the alleviation of Obesity and associated Complications to meet the regulatory challenges.” “Evaluation of Nutraceuticals and their phytoconstituents for the alleviation of Obesity and associated Complications to meet the regulatory challenges.” The increased incidence of obesity and growing public preference for organic supplements has moved research for the attainment of better molecules to alleviate obesity and related problems. Based on the literature search and preliminary in vitro antiadipogenic activity, few plants are phytochemically explored for their activity against obesity and its related complications., we are trying to find out such drug molecules from nature which could be effective against this growing epidemic of obesity. Asertaining the regulatory paraments, we are trying to support the concept of “Food as medicine” for the betterment of man kind

The students shared their experiences that the main moto of GxP summit was to promote the importance of good practices which should be followed by pharmaceutical industries. Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and Federal Budgetary Institution “The State Institute of Medicines and Good Practices” had taken initiative to create awareness among scientists related to pharmaceutical field. The various pharmaceutical companies such as R-Pharm, Novartis, Abbott, Sun pharma delivered presentations about their products, educational program carried out by them, need of GMP and documentation. Participants were evaluated based on the Olympiad part and practical part related to GxP.  Participants from different countries interacted with each other, exchanged their views and work, which made the summit very successful.

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