Nirankari Sewadal Members convened ‘Kshama Yachna Diwas’


NewZNew (Shahabad Markanda) : A Kshama Yachna Diwas was organised at Sant Nirankari Satsang Bhavan, Shahabad (M) today, by the Sewadal members in order to request for forgiveness from the devotees during the 68th Annual Nirankari Sant Samagam organised at Delhi in November this year. The day was organised under the guidance of Nirankari Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj and in the presence of Shri Surinder Pal Singh Ji, Sanyojak, Shahabad branch.

The purpose of the Sewadal members behind assembling this day is to ask for forgiveness from thousands of devotees and Satguru Baba Ji for any inconveniences or faults that occurred on their part during the 68th Annual Samagam. On this occasion, all the Sewadal members of Shahabad (M) and Yara were present. Shri Sanwala Ram Ji Batra, Sanchalak Shahabad (M), Unit No. 14 and Shri Narinder Singh Ji, Sanchalak, Yara Unit No. 731 were also present amongst other authority figures present.

On this day, Khetriya Sanchalak of the Sewadal Shri Gurdial Singh Ji Sandhu, said that any mistakes or flaws that happened during the annual Samagam on the part of the Sewadal members, may be forgiven. He also asked for the blessings of His Holiness for sanity so that these flaws should not be repeated and prayed that they can devote their lives to Sewa and it become an integral part of their lives.

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To conclude, Shri Singh stated that the Shahabad and Yara branch contributed selflessly and humbly towards the duties of canteen. The contribution of the Sewadal deserves a commendable mention, said Shri Surinder Pal Singh Ji.

Shri Surinder Pal Singh Singh also asked for pardon from the devotees and the Sewadal for any error on their part, during the annual Samagam. He also said that one must always be ready to ask for forgiveness, as it only adds peace to our lives and to the lives of others, and results in brotherhood and camaraderie. In the end, a langar was organised for all devotees and left for their respective places after that.


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