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Paras Health Panchkula Unveils New Cardiac Sciences Block

Paras Health Panchkula Unveils New Cardiac Sciences Block, Aims to Transform Cardiac Care in Tricity: Paras Health Panchkula celebrated a momentous occasion today with the inauguration of its ultramodern Cardiac Sciences block. The ceremony, held at the hospital premises, witnessed the esteemed presence of Mr. Sushil Sarwan, Managing Director, Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation (HSIIDC).
Paras Health Panchkula Unveils New Cardiac Sciences BlockThe new Cardiac Sciences block marks a paradigm shift in cardiac care for Panchkula and surrounding regions. This state-of-the- art facility houses the latest technology and a team of highly trained specialists encompassing the entire spectrum of cardiac sciences – Non-invasive & Interventional Cardiology, and Cardiothoracic Surgery (CTVS).
While addressing the inaugural event, Dr. Naveen Aggarwal, Director, Cardiology, said, Heart disease is a growing concern in India, with a significant rise in cases being observed. Stressful lifestyles, unhealthy habits, and a lack of preventive measures all contribute to this worrying trend. At Paras Health, we’re committed to tackling this challenge head-on. Our new Cardiac Sciences block is a testament to that commitment. This state-of-the-art facility allows us to offer the latest non-invasive and interventional cardiology procedures, ensuring accurate diagnosis, effective treatment, and ultimately, better cardiovascular health for our community, not just in Panchkula but nearby regions of the tricity.”
“Early detection and timely intervention are crucial for managing heart conditions. The integration of advanced technology into healthcare allows doctors to precisely diagnose problems like arrhythmias and coronary blockages. This translates to quicker, minimally invasive procedures like angioplasty and ablation therapy. Our expert team is equipped to handle complex cases requiring pacemaker implantation or valve replacements, offering patients comprehensive care under one roof,” said, Dr. Arvind Kaul, Director, Cardiology. 
Furthermore, Dr. Rana Sandip Singh, Director & Chief Consultant, CTVS, highlighted how collaboration between cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons is crucial for achieving positive results in complex cardiac cases. He further added, “This allows us to develop personalized treatment plans that can involve a combination of approaches, including minimally invasive heart surgery or complex procedures like aortic valve replacements or aneurysm repairs. This collaborative environment ensures the best possible outcomes for our patients with even the most complex cardiac conditions.”
Paras Health Panchkula Unveils New Cardiac Sciences BlockDr. Jatinder Arora, Zonal Director, Paras Health Panchkula, asserted, “At Paras Health Panchkula, we believe in a holistic approach to cardiac care.  The new Cardiac Sciences block is just one aspect of our commitment. We are equally dedicated to preventive cardiology, offering comprehensive screening programs and lifestyle modification guidance. This multi-pronged approach ensures that we address the full spectrum of cardiac health needs for our patients.”
The inauguration ceremony culminated in a tour of the new Cardiac Sciences block, showcasing its advanced equipment and patient-centric design. With this significant addition, Paras Health Panchkula reaffirms its unwavering commitment to providing exceptional and accessible cardiac care, empowering the community to live healthier and longer lives.
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