Paynear is now Payswiff

Manav (Delhi) Payswiff Solutions Pvt Ltd (formerly Paynear Solutions, India’s leading payment solution provider) unveiled its new Brand Identity in Hyderabad. Payswiff Solutions, offers an omni-channel payment solutions platform in India that can be operated through a single application. Payswiff completed the acquisition of Singapore based Goswiff Pte Ltd, in October 2017. The rebranding and renaming was undertaken to reflect the strong cultures and values of both the companies, reinforce the business synergies and leverage the strong brand equity of both Paynear and GoSwiff, post-acquisition.
Commenting on the new brand launch, Mr Prabhu Ram, Managing Director and Group CEO of Payswiff, said: “Payswiff Solutions is purpose built for growth, which we have already demonstrated this year. The new Brand identity reflects our belief and commitment to lead the way in transforming India’s payments digitization process. Our new logo has a Warm Red, that represents strength, purpose, action and leadership. The Solid Grey represents the underlying steel and steadfastness, that Payswiff lends to every partner. The Four Bars symbolize each of the verticals that we serve – merchants, enterprises, banks and tax compliance. The steady rise of the bars, reflect the growth that we are here to enable to an organization’s bottom line”.
He also added, “Now-a-days online businesses require a robust solution that is seamless and secure, for both merchants and customers. Businesses face a variety of challenges including the constant evolution of technologies, changing consumer behaviors and a wide variety of payment methods. As an organization we see ourselves as an enabler and catalyst to usher in this digital transformation for our customers and stakeholders.”
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