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Pehle chalna sikhaya tha, ab rasta dikhayegi… Sony Entertainment Television’s ‘Indiawaali Maa’

The show premieres on 31st August, and will air every Mon-Fri at 8:30pm

Pehle chalna sikhaya tha, ab rasta dikhayegi… Sony Entertainment Television’s ‘Indiawaali Maa’: The word Maa evokes a gamut of emotions and it is the mother who sets a strong foundation for any child’s future.

Pehle chalna sikhaya tha, ab rasta dikhayegi… Sony Entertainment Television’s ‘Indiawaali Maa’

While a mother’s love is universal, an Indian mother surpasses the highest benchmark of motherly duties and selfless affection! While she encourages and supports her child’s future and gives them wings to fly, she is always around to pick them up when they fall. Bacche bhale hi haath chhod de, Maa saath nahin chhodti, no matter what age.

Sony Entertainment Television’s latest offering Indiawaali Maa brings forth an endearing and a relatable journey of a mother who doesn’t give up on her son, even though he proclaims to not need her. Starring Suchita Trivedi (Kaushalya), Nitesh Pandey (Hasmukh), Akshay Mhatre (Rohan) and Sheen Dass (Chinamma), Indiawaali Maa ascertains the determination of a mother and her dedication towards her child. Produced by Jai Productions, the show premieres on 31st August and will air every Mon-Fri at 8:30pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.

As a child, our ‘go to’ person is our beloved maa. But as we grow up to become independent adults, a mother never outgrows her feelings. Even though our mother pushes us to achieve our dreams, she’s never deterred from watching over us.

But over time, why does this equation starts changing? Knowingly or unknowingly, why do we end up pushing our mothers away? Such is the story of Kaushalya, aka Kaku, a simple, free-spirited mother from Bhuj, who enjoys a well settled life with her supportive husband, Hasmukh. Their relationship is quite an endearing one, with Kaku being dependent on Hasmukh and enjoying being sheltered & pampered by him. But the bone of contention between the husband and wife is their only son, Rohan.

While Kaku constantly pines for her US-based son’s attention but Hasmukh, being the practical one, senses that Rohan has drifted apart. However, Kaku being the quintessential mother dismisses her son’s neglect and believes in standing by him like she always has. This determination of Kaku sets her on a journey to reach out to her son, overcome all odds and redefine the true essence of being an Indiawaali Maa.

Popular singer Harshdeep Kaur, has lent her soulful voice to this show, depicting the predicament of a mother and the love for her child in ‘main toh maa hoon’. The music of this song has been composed by Devendra Bhome and the beautiful lyrics have been penned by Divy sharma. 

Make way for the effervescent Indiawaali Maa starting August 31st at 8.30 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television

Ashish Golwalkar, Head – Content, Sony Entertainment Television and Digital Business

SET has always brought stories with real human emotions and this time we are bring a story where a mother is trying to make her child understand that parents are and can be the go-to people for their children if and whenever they need them. it’s a heart-warming journey of a mother who takes it on to herself to resurrect her son who has somewhat lost the direction and is struggling to cope. We are delighted to partner with Jay Mehta productions and are certain that they will spread magic on our prime time with this yet another endearing and emotional story.

Jay Mehta, Producer, Indiawaali Maa

Sony Entertainment Television has always brought forth unique concepts on television. We are happy to have got the opportunity to depict a story that will give everyone a chance to know the heart of a Mother closely. For us this is not just a show it is an emotion. A story that can’t be said and can only be felt. We are glad to have found our characters in Suchita, Nitesh and Akshay who are compelling in their on-screen performance. This show will definitely be breath of fresh air.

Suchita Trivedi, Actor, Indiawaali Maa

I have always been in favor of doing shows which have a strong message and Indiawaali Maa is one such promising show. It’s a story about a mother and her journey, which highlights the ever-changing equations that everybody around the globe is facing with their children. The narrative is compelling and the way it is written, as an actor, its encouraging to give my best performance each day.

Akshay Mhatre, Actor, Indiawaali Maa

Parents are and can be the go-to people for their children if and when they need them’ I was told this line and I knew that this is a show that I wanted to be a part off.  Personally, I completely believe with the thought of this show and professionally I am getting a chance to work with veterans of our industry which is a learning in itself. I am looking forward to this journey.

Harshdeep Kaur, Singer

I immediately said yes to sing “Mai toh Maa hoon” as the song gives such a heartfelt message. The lyrics were so emotional and pure that I couldn’t help but shed a tear while recording for this track that highlights the love of a mother for her children in the most endearing manner. I would dedicate this song to my mother who is my Indiawaali Maa.

Nitesh Pandey, actor, Indiawaali Maa

“Indiawaali Maa is not just a show, it is a feeling of all the mothers of our country. While I have been associated with various stories, this one has a very deep emotional hold to my heart because it highlights when you have your mother by your side, you pretty much have the strongest support in the whole wide world. Made purely out of love to depict mother’s love, this story is something that everyone will be able to relate with.”

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