PEOple connect over good food, friends and pets


PEOple connect over good food, friends and pets: PetFeast and Pune Eat Outs along with 11 ESC came together to curate its first ever Pet-friendly event which was held at 11 East Street Café, Pune.

PEOple connect over good food, friends and pets

PEOple Connect is an event by Pune Eat Outs which has always been about bonding over good food at a new place or a familiar one with a new and different experience with fellow PEOple who share the same passion and love for food.

The agenda of this social event was to connect with like minded people, who share their interests and have a good time with their lovely pets. The fest had something for everyone, from delicious food to fun games to entertain everyone. 

PetFeast had conducted a various set of activities and games for the pets as well as pet parents to bond and enjoy a great Sunday afternoon with their loved ones. 11ESC had also arranged 3 different types of unlimited food and beverage packages for everyone and PetFeast made sure that their pets didn’t go empty handed and made them special small goodie bags with treats and a light meal.

The event was a great success as with great food and beverages, meeting fellow PEOple and their Pets. 11ESC and PetFeast made sure everyone had a gala time, PEOple plans to have some great events in the coming year.

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