Performed poetry – ‘Ardhnarishvara’ marks launch of  poetry book ‘Silent Conversations’

Poet, Author & Journalist Jupinderjit Singh: "Journalism helped me in penning emotive poems in my poetry book 'Silent Conversations'"


Performed poetry – ‘Ardhnarishvara’ marks launch of  poetry book ‘Silent Conversations’: A uniquely designed artistic performance ‘Ardhnarishvara‘ – directed by Nisha Luthra, an authority on ‘Performed Poetry‘, marked the launch of ‘Silent Conversations,’ a book of poetry by noted writer & journalist Jupinderjit Singh, here.

Performed poetry - ‘Ardhnarishvara’ marks launch of  poetry book 'Silent Conversations'

The book has been published by Rhyvers Press and The Narrators , a performing arts society  from Chandigarh is launching & promoting it.

 ‘Silent Conversations’ is award winning journalist & author Jupinderjit Singh’s fourth book & first collection of poems. ‘Silent Conversations’ has 41 poems spread over 55 pages with illustrations. Jupinderjit Singh said, “My poems are romantic but not limited to the expression of love or rejection and heart-break. It’s about the tension, expectations, conversations, and the tempest within us before and after meeting our lover. One distinct feature I believe is that many poems are from feminine perspective” Jupinderjit added,” ‘Silent Conversations’ is the title of one of my poems in the new book. I have presented my collection of poems which explore various shades of love.”

Performed poetry - ‘Ardhnarishvara’ marks launch of  poetry book 'Silent Conversations'Jupinder further said, “Journalism actually helped me in understanding emotions and sensitivities of different gender and class, especially of the crime victims. My lead poem, ‘I bleed’ is based on suffering of rape victims. It is based on brutal rape and murder of Delhi girl ‘Nirbhaya’ and Canadian girl, Jassi, about who I also wrote a book.”

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The book was unveiled uniquely through ‘Performed Poetry’ which actually means a performer showcasing movements & facial expressions as  lines of a poem are recited. The ‘Performed Poetry’ was based on six poems from Jupinder’s book — ‘Silent Conversations’, ‘My Tender Heart’, ‘Search’, ‘Caged Life’, ‘Suicide’, and ‘Roots’. The scintillating performance lasted for 20 minutes.

“Through this performance, we have dived deep into the journey of acknowledging the male and female energies to reach our highest self like Lord Shiva, who is the embodiment of male and female energies, and his realization of dual energies is called ‘Ardhnarishvara’,” said Nisha Luthra as she explained the reason for naming the performance ‘Ardhanarishvara’. The act was performed by Varun Khanna.

Jupinderjit Singh talking about the experiences he had in life which in a way were instrumental in making him pen the poems said, “I believe and I have experienced that good relations evolve themselves. You go to a higher level after the rush of hormones and madness in teenage or young days. Even holding hands and walking with your partner silently makes the best conversation.”

It is noteworthy that Jupinder wrote his first poem when he was in Class 9  which was a love letter for his Hindi teacher. The collection presented in ‘Silent Conversations’ includes the best poems penned by Jupinder since his early writing years to date.

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The event saw a host of dignitaries gracing it. Senior Haryana cadre IAS officer Dr Sumita Misra was the Chief Guest. The Guests’ of Honour were Deepak Chanarthal and Ninder Ghugianvi, former IAS officer and motivational speaker Vivek Atray, & Padma Shri Neelam Mansingh Chaudhary. The  Narrator’s Co-founder Deepak Luthra , and publisher Affan Yesvi of Rhyvers Press  were also present.