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PM calls for integrated response for mitigating disasters’ impact

PM calls for integrated response for mitigating disasters’ impact: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday called for an integrated response for mitigating disasters’ impact.

PM calls for integrated response for mitigating disasters’ impactIn his opening remarks while addressing the fifth edition of the International Conference on Disaster Resilient Infrastructure, ICDRI-2023, Modi said: “Disasters in one region can have a big impact on a completely different region. Therefore, our response has to be integrated, not isolated.”

“As we discuss infrastructure, some priorities have to be remembered. The theme for this year’s conference is related to ‘Delivering Resilient and Inclusive Infrastructure’. Infrastructure is not only about returns but also about reach and resilience. Infrastructure must leave none behind and serve the people even during times of crisis.

“Further, a holistic view of infrastructure is needed. Social and digital infrastructure are as important as transport infrastructure.”

The Prime Minister emphasised on evolving local knowledge related to infrastructure which can withstand disasters.

“Each nation and region faces disasters of different kinds. Societies evolve local knowledge related to infrastructure that can with-stand disasters. While modernising infrastructure, such knowledge needs to be used intelligently. Modern technology with local insights can be great for resilience. Further, if documented well, local knowledge may become a global best practice,” he pointed out.

Modi also highlighted the importance of relief and rescue measures during occurrences of disasters.

“Relief and rescue take priority and rightly so. Resilience is about how quickly systems can ensure the return of normal life. Resilience is built in the times between one disaster and another. Studying past disasters and learning lessons from them is the way,” he noted.

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