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PM Modi wants to burn Manipur, doesn’t want to douse fire: Rahul Gandhi

PM Modi wants to burn Manipur, doesn’t want to douse fire: Rahul Gandhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday said that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to burn Manipur and he is not trying to douse the fire.

PM Modi wants to burn Manipur, doesn’t want to douse fire: Rahul GandhiHe also said that the Indian Army can stop the violence in the northeastern state in two days.

His remarks came a day after the Prime Minister spoke on the no-confidence option in Lok Sabha and also spoke on Manipur.

Addressing a press conference at the party headquarters here, former Congress president Rahul Gandhi said, “Yesterday PM in Parliament spoke for over 2 hours and 13 minutes and in last, for 2 minutes, he spoke on Manipur.”

Slamming the Prime Minister, the Congress leader said, “Manipur is burning for months, people are being killed and women raped and children are getting killed.”

Targeting the Prime Minister, Rahul Gandhi, who is a Lok Sanha MP from Kerala’s Wayanad said: “Prime Minister Modi was speaking in Lok Sabha while laughing. It does not suit him. The Prime Minister of India should not have made the joke. I was not the subject, not the Congress but was Manipur. And what is happening in Manopuur and why it is not being stopped was the subject.”

Rahul Gandhi said that he has been in politics for last 19 years and visited all states whether during floods, tsunami, or violence.

“What I have seen in Manipur, have not seen such thing in last 19 years,” the Congress leader said.

Referring to his statement in Lok Sabha on no-confidence when he said that Bharat Mata has been murdered in Manipur, Rahul Gandhi said, “I said that Prime Minister Modi killed India in Manipur and these are not hollow words.”

He also said that when he reached Manipur and had to visit the people was asked to remove the Kuki or Meitei people from my security detail.

He said, “Today a state has been murdered. The state has been divided. Thus I said BJP has murdered India in Manipur.”

“When Modiji was laughing I thought how a Prime Minister can say like this. He cannot go there. He cannot go, but he should speak on Manipur. Indian Army can stop the violence in Manipur in 2 days.”

Rahul Gandhi alleged, “The Prime Minister wants to burn Manipur and does not want to douse the fire.”

On Thursday, Modi in his over two hours long speech he gave an assurance that peace will prevail in Manipur and that it will march forward on the path of development.

The BJP-ruled state government in Manipur has been trying to resolve the situation prevailing there for the past six years and the efforts will continue in the future too, Modi said.

“The entire country and the House is with Manipur. We will together ensure peace there,”  Modi said.

However he said that all efforts to ensure peace in the state should be free of politics.

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