Post January 2017 Kashmir region may get better, predicts


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : India’s most sensitive valley has witnessed a lot of turbulence and violence over the years. Media houses are organizing debates by involving some intellectuals from both the country. With the elimination of Burhan Wani – the Hizbul Mujahideeen commander by the security forces, there have again been violent protests and eruptions in the valley. But what next? India’s number one and world’s number three astrology portal predicts Jammu, Kashmir and the neighboring states will be prone to natural calamities . The tension and tumult between India and Pakistan may intensify because of the Kashmir issue during the later part of the year 2016, however’ the region Kashmir may get better only post January 2017.


With valuation of more than 100 crores, India’s number one and world’s number three Astrology portal –, which has launched the World’s First 4K Zodiac Channel – at the Mobile World Congress 2016 at Barcelona, Spain, has said based on the foundation chart of independence India, The Sun is placed in the 8th House of the Solar Ingress Chart which represents disputes, tension, turbulence, misfortune and adversities. This placement of the Sun indicates crisis-like situations in the border states, frequent clashes with the neighboring countries, agitations and disruptions. The Kashmir and various other border states are likely to witness a rise in infiltration bids, which would be an attempt to disrupt the peace and harmony of these regions. And there may be an increased emphasis on the propaganda through communication. and we may witness the terror outfits taking the help of the social-networking platforms to spread their ideas.

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The award winning portal emphasized the tension and tumult between India and Pakistan may intensify during the later part of the year 2016. Terror outfits and militant groups would keep creating more hassles and there may be increased confrontations between the peace-breakers and the peace-makers and may witness increased damage to the militant groups. India is presently passing through the Moon major-period and Mars sub-period. Mars represents violence, unrest, armed resistance, war-like situations and aggression. So, adverse impacts may be felt till the end of January 2017. Solar Eclipse, which will be occurring on 1st September, 2017, which may prove to be unfavorable for India and Kashmir both. The Government may have to face extremely problematic and tricky situations. Because of this, even the common masses in the valley state may rebel against the administration, being under the influence of the separatist forces. So, even the year 2016 doesn’t seem to be very favorable for things to get better in Kashmir.


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