Psychology and its role on today’s world


What is psychology?

The study of human minds and human behaviour is called psychology. Apart from the mind set and behaviour of humans psychology also involves study of the feelings and thoughts of humans. Psychological can be studied in both conditions of the patient i.e. when the patient is conscious as well as unconscious. A person who deals with the study of all these is called a psychologist.

Role of psychologist in society

Today, there is a lot of demand for psychologists as the issues humans face have increased or even it can be said that people has lost their ability to solve and face their problems all alone. As the time moves ahead humans are turning out become cowards by losing hope and giving up even before they start. This might be either because of the fear which people fail to overcome today or even may be due to lack of courage and confidence. Another major problem the society facing today is depression. It is really easy for someone to push others into depression or even without anything happening only people fall into depression.

Psychologists play their role in bringing up all these social problems. They help build up hope and develop courage and give proper advice to their patients. They help people get out of depression by looking into their problems and advising them about how to overcome those. A psychologist can do his work either sitting at home or clinically or even through online. Like work, psychology can be studied also in the same methods. If you are going for offline studies you will have clinical sessions along with that. If you are going for online you can check out for the best online psychological degrees to do psychology in a specialised topic under psychology.

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How to get a psychology degree?

To get a bachelor’s degree in psychology you need to take bachelors in arts and psychology as your major subject under that. Bachelors in arts have even more options for major subjects under it. Psychology is one of them. To become a psychologist you need to take up a bachelor’s course in psychology which can vary from 3 – 5 years depending on the country you wish to pursue the degree from. To become a professional and to have a doctorate degree you have to even study masters and doctorate under psychology topics, which take another 3 – 4 years.

You can even take your degrees online as there is wide scope for people with online degrees also. Psychology can be one of the best online arts degrees available. There can be more scope and demand for this degree. A doctorate or even a master’s degree after bachelors can add weightage to your psychology profession.


Importance of psychological degree

As explained above there is wide necessity of psychologists and counsellors in the society. Hence, a person with psychological degree can be considered in front for taking advice or sharing problems with. A person with psychology degree can easily get into a psychologists profession as there is so much of needs of a psychologist. a psychologist need not work under a hospital or any other clinics, they can put up their own clinics or even work at home. They can sit at home treat the patients who reach to them directly. This might be comfortable even with the patients as they wouldn’t prefer others know their problems and even about their visit to a psychologist. There are people who have in born talents for counselling, advising or solving others problems but there might be only a few who will follow or support such people. Such people if they have a psychology degree also the society will easily accept them and their talents. Apart from people accepting them they can be of great use to the society.

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Author : Noora Salam



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