Punjab Vidhan Sabha Speaker attends 77th conference of presiding officers in Lucknow


Lays stress on right education and women empowerment

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : The Speaker of Punjab Legislative Assembly Dr.Charanjit Singh Atwal took part in deliberations in the 77th Conference of Presiding Officers of Legislative Bodies held in Lucknow.

Stating this, an official spokesperson said that while speaking on the subject “Role Of Parliament In Development “, Dr. Atwal said that  parliamentarians play vital role not only in the legislative process but also in the holistic development of the nation through effective control of all the organs of government. The crying need for the people is development, particularly in the spheres of basic health, education, skill development and employment.  We could only progress when we had the required knowledge and for knowledge – education is the first requisite ,he added.

Laying stress upon the need of Right  Education instead of Right to Education, Dr Atwal said that Primary education is the first stage of compulsory education and its importance is undeniable.  During this stage students are taught to think critically, to strive to attain high standards, to meet the challenges posed by technological advancements and to develop citizenship and basic values. The spokesperson further informed that emphasizing on Women’s empowerment, Dr. Atwal said that women’s empowerment and economic development were closely related.

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On the Subject “Paperless Parliament”, Dr. Atwal said that in recent years, India had emerged as a major player in Information Technology.  At present India was a leading exporter of computer software in the world.


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