Punjabi movie ‘Cross Connection’ hits screen today


Star cast join audience at North Country Mall, Mohali in morning show today

NewZNew (Mohali) : A Punjabi musical comedy movie ‘Cross Connection’ hit screen today. The star cast of movie including lead cast Garry Waraich, Nancy Johal and Sumandeep, Gurchet Chittrkar, Tarsem Paul and Raman Dhilon joined audience at North Country Mall, Mohali in morning show today.

The movie is directed by Mr. Nishant Bhardwaj and produced by Mr. Jasbir Dhillon of Dhillon Creations in association with Music One. The other star cast of movie includes Upasana Singh, BN Sharma , Dilaver Sidhu, Dr. Sahib Singh, Jarnail Jelly, Pankaj Sharma, Anju Aggrawal and Rajinder Rozy.

Every second in movie one face unsolicited gentlemen and ladies, young, cute and beautiful lasses and very outgoing and timidly bold young dudes who go the extra mile in quest of their love.

And behold, you are in the realm of hilarity and good times that are sand witched between uncertainty and ambiguity of the gravest kind. Misunderstandings and misconceptions rule the roost and at breakneck pace, characters go hurtling down the ethereal skies of wanton cosmos. A strict brigadier’s romantically inclined son, meekly submits to the erratically whimsical daughter of an IAS officer’s whims and fancies. Ironically, a confused son of a political big wig from Punjab is a hot contender for the hand of a police commissioner’s gorgeous, sexy  and beautiful daughter. Why and how their paths cross??? Cool down dudes,  no cause  for alarm !!

The process, happenings and the results are all very topsy-turvy yet smooth as silk, very comforting and tantalizing. The entire thing tickles our funny bone. Cross Connection causes mistakes to be made by the young protagonists only to be reigned in by the elders in a covertly and overtly  strict, yet amiable manner. The film brings in whiffs of fresh air into the family bonds in a very subtle and entertaining vein. The Smile, at times, turns into guffaws every now and then but it sits perennially on your lips. It has to be a U certificate film for family viewing that sets a fresher benchmark for humour in Punjabi Cinema.

Ms. Rimi Dhar the Music Director of movie is a youngest female music director of India besides only female music director in Punjabi cinema. The movie songs have been sung by Rahat Fateh Ali khan , Arif Lohar, Kamal khan, Navraj Hans, Monika, Tochi Raina, Deepali Sathe and Rimi Dhar.

Mr. Balbir Singh Dhillon has given lyrics for movie . Mr. Sudhir Sharma is writer of movie and Mr. Manjeet Singh is Director of Photography .

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