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Rithvik Risks his Life for a Daredevil Aerial Trapeze Act!


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : TV heart-throb Rithvik Dhanjani has managed to pull off a feat that no other actor on Indian television has! The Pavitra Rishta star who will soon be seen as a celebrity contestant on ZEE TV’s  upcoming non-fiction show ‘I Can Do That’ has aced an aerial trapeze act like a pro in less than 5 days and left his co-contestants, host Farhan Akhtar and the audience stunned and overwhelmed. The format of the show sees celebrity contestants taking up challenges of performing visually arresting, entertaining acts demonstrated by unique talent teams and stunt experts specially flown in from different parts of the country.

_MG_4095The actor, willingly opted for this act while the rest of the 11 celebrities shied away from taking up such a difficult task. In fact, nobody apart from Rithvik was ready to even consider it when they saw two members of the unique talent team hang mid-air on a trapeze swing and perform various stunts including, jumping from one trapeze swing to another, balancing themselves on a rope and supporting their partner. But Rithvik performed this high- risk act and proved yet again, that “he can do that”!

As Rithvik chose this act, Farhan told him, “ In choosing this act, you’re playing with death!” Rithvik got merely 5 days to prepare an act that takes any professional over 3 years of practice to get right. Today, he can safely be called a master in performing trapeze acts. Rithvik said,” This is clearly the toughest thing that I’ve considered doing in my life. I got injured multiple times as I rehearsed hanging upside down, locked on to a thin plank. I have a sprained neck and injured arm, but trust me, it was all worth it when you see it on screen. I had to work on my core strength as one’s body needs to be well balanced. It was not just about physical strength but also mental strength that one needs to believe in himself. The show is all about outdoing not just your contestants but yourself with every challenge one undertakes. This indeed was a high-risk act and any slip-up could have cost me my life!  The response from everybody was overwhelming and I look forward to many more such challenges on the show. ”

The very fact that the host and the co-contestants prayed throughout for the act to go smoothly speaks volumes about the level of challenge Rithvik had taken on. His jaw-dropping act received a standing ovation from everyone present and people heaved a sigh of relief once it was over! The challenges will only get tougher with each passing week. Meanwhile, let’s applaud Rithvik’s spirit and brace ourselves for a roller-coaster ride with India’s hottest celebrities!

Watch ‘I Can Do That’ at 9 PM every Sat-Sun on Zee TV, starting 17th October.


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CP Singh
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