Sajna Ve has been a crazy journey – Vishal Mishra

Sajna Ve has been a crazy journey – Vishal Mishra: It’s a special song. First time I am coming up as a singer Songwriter in the independent scene. It’s beeen a beautiful song,  because this is the first time I have composed a song, sung it, written it and featured in the music video.
It’s aesthetically right to my mind and soul, because it’s a kind of song That  u don’t get to work on for a For a script centric film. It’s an independent song and I felt every bit of being free while working on it.
I made the guitar riff first and it goes on thoughout the song and every line that I composed and wrote happens on the riff and then the add one came. Guitar Is the soul of it.Sajna Ve also features Lisa Mishra who Is just outstanding. She has rendered here parts very beautifully and exactly like I thought when I was writing the notes for the counter vocalist .
It’s my first single and I’m really looking forward to this one. It’s co written by Akshay Tripathi who also wrote Nai Lagda for me.In the middle of all the film music that I am doing, this is a different trip altogether and helps me to express better.
“SAJNA ve is a song that I would want to have on my play list in every mood” . It’s a special feeling singing songwriting during this time when majority of my time goes in making film music. This indeed is very special .
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