Samarpan Dhyanyog Mega Camp at Shirdi Shirdi


“Shri Saibaba made a truly auspicious beginning for the     emancipation of the entire community and his work has been a     demonstration of work dedicated to humanity. Through the path of     deepest devotion Saibaba’s work has reached across the world today and     the same tradition has been bestowed on the world through the  medium   of meditation by Shree Swami Shivkrupanand”. This was   observed by  Mr.  Shripad Naik, Hon Minister for Ayush, Government of   India.

Mr. Shripad Naik was speaking after he inaugurated the     Samarpan Dhyanyog Mega Camp by Shri Swami Shivkrupanandaji organised     by Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust, Shirdi, on the occasion of Shri Sai     Baba Samadhi Centenary Mahotsav. On this occasion Sansthan Chairman     Dr. Suresh Haware, Vice Chairman Mr. Chandrashekhar Kadam, Chief     Executive Officer Mrs. Rubal Agrawal, Member of Parliament Mr.     Sadashiv Lokhande, Trustees S/Shri. Bhausaheb Wakchoure, Pratap     Bhosale, Trustee and President Municipal Council Mrs. Yogitatai     Shelke, Dy Collector Mr. Manoj Ghode Patil, representatives of various     religions, Chairman Janglee Maharaj Ashram Mr. Nandkumar    Suryawanshi,  Mr. Anuragji, Mr Ambareeshji and Ms Shaswatiji (all Life    Time  Trustees) and Mr. Girish Borkar, Managing Trustee from Yoga    Prabha  Bharati (Seva Sanstha) Trust, 400 accomplished devotees from    22  countries, and more than 20,000 devotees from 15 states of the    country  were present on this occasion.

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Mr. Shripad Naik further observed that Shree Swami     Shivkrupanandji has brought the Samarpan Meditation values from the     Himalayas and we are receiving a way to attain absolution of the soul     through this meditation. The prosperity in life beyond caste and     religion is being created through this medium. The humanitarian     welfare work started by Shri Saibaba has reached everywhere and Shri     Sai Temples are being established all over the world through this. A     power to convert man to a proper man through a devotional way has  been    created and the work started by Shree Swami Shivkrupanandji  through    the medium of Samarpan Dhyanyog Camp is reaching countries  across  the   world.

Sansthan Chairman Dr. Suresh Haware said that Shri     Saibaba gave the mantra of faith and patience. At the same time, he     also gave a technique or tantra of serving the poor. Sansthan has been     organising various religious, social, cultural, paduka darshan and     other programs on the occasion of Shri Sai Baba Samadhi Centenary     Celebrations and the present Samarpan Dhyanyog Camp is a part of  these    programs. I received an inspiration to organise this Samarpan    Dhyanyog  Camp at Shirdi due to a camp at Surat by Shree Swami    Shivkrupanandji.  Peace, happiness and contentment are essential for    the common man and  everyone here will definitely achieve the same    through this Samarpan  Dhyanyog Mega Camp. Dr. Haware thanked Shree    Swami Shivkrupanandji for  organising this camp at Shirdi.

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While providing guidance at the Samarpan Dhyanyog Mega Camp after the inauguration Shree Swami Shivkrupanandji said that ‘Sai     is in himself the God’ He was present yesterday, is present today    and  will be present tomorrow as well. With the development of human     civilisation various methods of worship also came up on the  horizon.    However, the instructions provided by these were unable to  bring    internal changes in human beings. The Himalayan Gurus found a  way to    do this through Samarpan Dhyanyog for inculcation of values  in human    beings. Here no instructions are provided from outside.  Only the pious    values are transferred from one pure soul into  another pure soul.   Once  the Samarpan values are inculcated  self-realisation and   awakening  takes place, the knowledge as to  what is wrong and what is   right  arrives from within one’s self alone.

The knowledge contained in different religious books can     provide information on God. However, the same cannot bestow an     experience of God on you. This experience is never possible without a     living Guru. Unless you receive the seed of spirituality from a   living   Guru, you cannot achieve any spiritual progress. Seekers can   reach a   living Guru through prayers at the Samadhi of a Samadhist   Guru.   Swamiji then gave a message from Shri Sai about God…The   message is —   God resides in everyone and it is not necessary to   search for him   outside. Meditation means to connect God to our life   without leaving   anything that you are doing at the moment. Swamiji   gave a mantra ‘I am   a pious soul, I am a pure soul’ and held a ten   minutes meditation   session for the devotees present for the camp.

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Chief Executive Officer of the Sansthan Smt. Rubal     Agrawal introduced the program and Vice Chairman of the Sansthan Mr.     Chandrashekhar Kadam proposed a vote of thanks.


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