Sandwich lover? Be spoilt for choice at Bigwich


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Love sandwiches ? Here, in Sector 9 Madhya Marg, comes the first Specialist Sandwich Outlet in North India to spoil you for choice with 25-odd All-Veg varieties.

The Chandigarh Outlet is the first franchisee in North India of recently launched super sandwich brand ‘Bigwich’, promoted by Amar Group which has varied interests in Hospitality, Food Processing, etc.

First thing that struck us during select tastings was the breathtaking variety of sandwiches listed in the menu, some of them never heard of before in these parts. They are listed under 5 broad heads – Panini Sandwich, Focaccia Sandwich, Croissant Sandwich, Jumbo Grilled Sandwich and Sub Roll and priced in the range of Rs 89 to 199 per plate plus taxes.

Mr Amit Goyal, the franchisee owner says, “ ‘Bigwich’ is a fresh and healthy new concept which boasts of different yet authentic Italian, French and Indian breads baked fresh daily in our kitchens. Crafted with our fresh, high-quality fillings, cheeses and vegetables, there’s a whole lot of inspired and great sandwich options for you to enjoy.”

Now as we come to the menu, under Panini sandwich, we have Veggie, a mix of shredded veggies and mayo grilled to perfection, and Aloo-Mutter, a traditional aloo-mutter flavour with fresh mint, again grilled to perfection. Then there are Caprice, Mexicana and Paneer Masala.

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Browsing through Focaccia sandwich, were come across Americano, stuffed with sweetcorn, green peppers, onions mixed in mint mayo with added flavour of fresh India cilantro, and Fiery has fiery focaccia fiery sauce, cheese roasted garlic and caramelised onion flakes. California has coloured bell peppers, red onion, olive oil and garlic with lime flavoured mayo and feta cheese gratinated perfectly. Other sandwiches in this category are Italiano and Tandoori Paneer.

Among the exotic Croissant Sandwiches are Veg Exotica, Mintry Treat, Carrot & Raisin, Capers Magic and Chocolate-Chocolate. Jumbo Grilled Sandwiches include Veggie Veg, Veggie 3D, which has garden fresh veggies with mustard, tangy ‘n hot chilli sauce and much more, Cheeze Veeze, Bombay Club and BW Club.

Then there are Sub Rolls, among which are Peas N Potato, Supreme with lots of lettuce, diced tomatoes, cucumber cubes, onions diced, mayo caramelised onion and chilli garlic sauce, Pizza, , a copen sub sandwich, served pizza style with exotic toppings, Bombay Bhaji and Caesar’s, which has lettuce, cucumber, croutons, parmesan cheese, dressing and olives.

The rugged interiors of the place have been done up by the brand architect and majority of the staff, including the head chef, are hired and trained by the Brand. All the basic preparations used including breads, sauces, etc are made in house and the entire process of preparing the sandwiches is open and transparent before the customer.

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The recently launched brand “Bigwich” is the brainchild of known industry veterans from Mumbai and Ahmedabad having vast experience of 40 years, and the company is also in the process of launching a series of outlets in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. The Chandigarh franchisee is the first to throw open the outlet to the public.

“We use upto 14 different types of sauces in making the sandwichs,” adds Amit Goyal, who says they are readying to open another outlet in Ludhiana. “We also serve 3 varieties of rice in bowls – regular, which is our own very special tadka of select Indian spices – in dal and ‘n rice combo, Paalak rice and Aachari rice.

“In drinks we have 8-10 robust, chilled and fizzy drinks served on the rocks. They include Green Apple, Passion Pro, Melon Melody, Healthy Lemonade, Fizzy Masala Cola, Mint Mojito and Cold Cocoa. For the hotties’ choice we have creamy hot chocolate,” he says.

Thus we hope that the public will like the healthy new palete the brand has to offer and greet the new kid on the bloc with open arms.


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