Satinder Sartaaj’s Aarsi will Reflect the Cuteness of Love


Third song from the album Seasons of Sartaaj gives major relationship lessons

Satinder Sartaaj, whose name signifies a king, never fails to justify his moniker. He lives up to the expectations of his fans with the choice of his works, the sanctity of his songs and the dedication behind his movies. He is already enjoying the success of his Hollywood movie, The Black Prince, which was recently released on digital platforms in India. He had already announced his album Seasons of Sartaaj early this year. Two songs from the album have already released and gained good response from the audience. Now, the third song from the album titled Aarsi (the mirror) has released.

The lyrics of the song are jotted down by Satinder Sartaaj himself. The video of the song is directed by Sandeep Sharma. The winner of Miss PTC Punjabi 2017 Bhawna Sharma will be seen romancing Sartaaj in the video. The song will show another shade of love, the cutesy and bubbly adoration. Award winning Music Director, Jatinder Shah has composed Aarsi as well, just like the earlier songs from the album.

 Satinder Sartaaj shared his thoughts and said, “Aarsi is an ornament which women used to wear in old times which has a mirror that was used to set makeup and hair. This song shows a cute relationship and another facet of love: that both the partners should be transparent to each other. Just like a mirror which reflects every truth and lie, there should be no secrets in a relationship.

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The essence of a successful love story is absolute sincerity towards each other. I enjoyed writing this song and poured my heart out while shooting it. I am very happy with the response people have been showering on the ‘Mohabbat De Mausam’ album. I just hope people will like this song equally”.

The song Aarsi, The Mirror has already released on the official YouTube channel of Saga Hits on 25th April 2018.


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