Season 4 of ‘Best of luck Nikki’ on Disney Channel



NewZNew (Chandigarh) : After 4 seasons of dealing with hilarious situations with the new addition to their family, NIKKI, the loud yet lovable Singh family is back to entertain everybody with Season 4 of ‘Best of luck Nikki,’ on your favorite Disney Channel. The end of Season 3 saw the Singh family trying to adjust in a one bedroom house after they had to leave their house because of a termite infestation. Now, after one and a half years, they are back in their old house, getting ready to welcome the sixth member of their family as Himani Singh is all set to give birth to another baby!

Brace yourselves for yet another rollercoaster ride as they deal with new and enjoyable circumstances, as Himani finally achieves her moment of stardom, Rohan fulfills his culinary dream, Dolly’s confronts her blast from her past, Sunny finds a girlfriend and little Nikki tries to deal with her jealousy for her little brother, Bobby. Stuck in the middle of all this is Avatar trying to find a new and bigger house for his family.

“Best of luck Nikki has been creating countless happy memories for everyone since the past 4 seasons and we are back with a new season to create lots more. The show is about every average Indian family and what they go through in their daily lives and how they deal with situations that are happy, sad and funny. As much as we enjoy this journey and make it memorable, I am sure that are audiences will continue to enjoy all the hilarious situations that the Singh family will encounter in the days to come.”Says GurdipPunj, who plays Himani Singh in the series.

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If you thought Season 1,2 and 3 was crazy, you have seen nothing as Season 4 promises more madness, laughter along with lots of love and happiness. Season 4 will enthrall the viewers with lots of quirky moments that the Indian families will resonate with, watch Best of Luck Nikki every Sunday 10:00am only on Disney Channel!


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