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Filmy Kutappe – 21 in English (Translated by Anoopinder Kaur)

Once upon a time, while I was in Bombay, one morning my brother Dharmpal ji asked me to go to varli-C to apply ration card. I did not waited for a second and reached there by 9 only. There was a theatre nearby which was showing Babita-shahsi kapoor’s movie “hasina maan jaegi” 1968.

o dilbar jaaniye..tere hai hum tere…chupa lege inn aakhon mein sanam…hum gum tere..” Lata- Rafi! I was shocked on seeing the whole scene in the theatre. I noticed that 99% of the people in the hall either school children or were college students. I did not find any elder human being watching film over there. There were 4-5 schools and colleges over there near that cinema and over there only was the ration card office. Leave the card, I thought of watching the movie first

The show was houseful and the scene outside theatre was something not to be missed. The scene was like; there were 4-5 boys who were distributing tickets like playing cards. From one side the girls came and took one ticket each in an alternate form. This way they could sit with boys and their friends respectively. So I thought why not to try, that would be fun.

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It was houseful but after a while I saw one sardar student with his friend. I smiled and greeted him by saying Sat Shri Akal! I told him that I came from Barnala(Punjab), but the show is houseful. I have to watch “ Haseena maan jaegi”. “ chale the saath mil kar…chlege saath mil kar… tumhe rukna parhega meri awaaz sun kar…Rafi! I responded me back by saying, “ brother don’t worry, not only you will watch movie, but I will make sure that on your left as well as on your right there will be only girls seating . and you know what! Exactly this happened. It was really fun. That sardar student also gave me a coffee and samosa to eat in the interval and other thing was I did not paid anything from buying the movie ticket to eating samosa and coffee. I still regret that why there were no mobiles during that time. If it was we would have been good friends till now.

bekhudi mein sanam…uth gye jo kadam… aa gye ! aa Gye pass hum” thank god the work which my brother gave regarding ration card was also done after the movie otherwise brother would have beaten and scolded me.

Bombay Santa-Cruise, west just in front of our flat, “hum tum ik kamre mein band ho …chabi kho jaye “ , film “ Bobby’s “ heroine “ Dimple Kapadia “ used to live there only with his grandfather. That time she was not even married. Moreover, near our flat only, “Kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayal aata hai…ki jaise tujhko banaya gya hai mere liye” Rakhi- Guljar also lived. And near y only it was Manoj Kumar’s office….” Pathar k sanam…tujhe humne mohobatt ka khuda maana jana…barhi bhool huyi arre humne..yeh kya smjha yeh kya jaana…Rafi! And teher only dancer “jai Shriti-Meena Ti, both the sisters lived….”jab Baago mein Jugno chamek aadhi raat ko

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Furthermore, Rakesh roshan just lived near our flat only and near Rakesh Roshan’s home there was a bus stop. From there only I used to catch bus for Bandra every morning. There sometimes I saw Rakesh roshan with Hritik Roshan picked on his shoulders. That time Hrithik Roshan was about 1 or 2 years old. I saw Rakesh roshan playing with Hrithik Roshan everyday and sometimes when I used to sit in the bus they both father and son would wave me. Who knew this small little guy would be a superstar one day.

Kaho na pyaar hai …” pyaar ki kasha mein…lehro kimasti mein…pawan k shor shor mein…chale hum jor jor mei…gagan se door…..!!

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