Seminar on digital media evolution titled ‘LoveForMedia2.0’ organized at Panjab University by PRCAI


Digital evolution has created various avenues and made entire world an equal opportunity arena, but is it here to stay or is it just a bubble waiting to burst soon. Digital evolution and its impact on various facets of media and communication industries was discussed in a panel discussion titled ‘LoveForMedia2.0’ at Panjab University today. The event was co-organized by PRCAI(Public Relations Consultants Association of India) and Fuzion PR Pvt. Ltd. in association with School of Communication Studies.

Engaging and informative panel discussion witnessed 5 Industry stalwarts sharing their thoughts and experiences on the impact of digitization of media and what future holds ahead for the industry. Panel comprised of Ashwani Singla (PR strategist with over 2 decades of experience), Anu Dua Sehgal (Social media strategist and content creator), Aarish Chhabra (Renowned Author and journalist), Archana R. Singh (HOD of School of Communication Studies, Panjab University) & Jayoti Lahiri (Secretary General, PRCAI) and was moderated by Mukesh Kharbanda (Renowned PR professional and Regional Media expert).

Panel discussion was attended by more than 150 mass communication students and professionals and witnessed discussions across domains of communication industry. Enthusiastic Panjab University students were beaming with questions for the esteemed panelists ranging from the future of digitization of news to its impact on journalism and even the culture of outbursts on social plat forms even for miniscule issues posing a threat to peace in our country.

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Concluding the event Mukesh Kharbanda, Managing Director, Fuzion PR Pvt. Ltd. said, “It’s the love for media that has brought us to this Industry and digitization is the second version of it. Change is the only constant and media landscape will abide to it as well. Our industry will keep evolving and so will we. Such an enthusiastic line-up of students coming in huge numbers for this event is a testimony in itself that no matter what, our future is shining bright. There are and will always be challenges with digital media gaining further momentum but I am sure we will be able to figure out ways to cross the bridges.”


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