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Seminar on Success Tips for Civil Service Aspirants

NewZNew (Patna) : Chanakya I.A.S Academy conducted a seminar today at Shri Krishna Memorial Auditorium Patna. The purpose of the event was to motivate the students while keeping them aware of the changes, and further helping them by removing their dilemmas that might hinder their path to success.


With a goal to spread clear understanding and knowledge about Civil Services Examination to the students who aspire to be a part of Civil Services, The seminar was organized under the guidance of AK Mishra, the managing director of Chanakya IAS Academy, who is fondly known as “Success Guru” amongst his students.

Chanakya IAS Academy also invited its successful candidate to share their experience and provide success tips and right guidance to the participated Civil Service Aspirants. The Successful candidates shared information about the latest changes in the UPSC, right books and methodology, level of syllabus, time required, marking scheme, medium of answering and put to rest several doubts.

However, it was Success Guru AK Mishra who with his vast experience and sharp insight dispelled the most commonly believed myths related to civil services. With facts and figures he proved that there is in fact no need to be intimidated by the large number of candidates appearing for the examination. He emphasized upon the need to think like an officer while preparing for the examination.

A.K. Mishra, The director of Chanakya I.A.S Academy and success guru gave success tips to numerous students who were involved in the seminar. He further stated in the seminar, titled the “Art of Success’, that “the nature of Civil Services Examination compared with other university examinations is entirely different. In reality, civil services exams should not be concerned with the preparations of the subjects rather aspirants should be focusing on being a better Administrator. For students to achieve success, the essence should be hard work, self confidence, goal setting, time management and energy management among many other things

According to him, it’s surreal for parents to see their child as an IAS or PCS officer although the incredulous environment is a recurring motif in their academic life which leads to discontentment in the aspirants mind often resulting them to wander away from their goals. This to a great extent results in students giving up their dreams. He believes guiding them properly and motivating them could amount to extraordinary results. This is the reason why IAS academy invented the “Art of the Success” programme so that students can overcome their skepticism and achieve success.

Truly an enlightening experience; the seminar left the audience wanting for more. He concluded the seminar by stressing upon the fact that civil services examination is much more than the test of knowledge; it’s about the application and correct inference.

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