Service lane repair initiated in Sector-15 A & B for better drainage in monsoon


MC Councilor Saurabh Joshi made efforts for this long pending job, budgeted around Rs. 30 lacs

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Carrying on his service attitude, MC Councilor from Ward No. 2 Saurabh Joshi initiated the repair work of service lanes in the residential area of Sector-15 A and B. This job was necessary keeping in view the heavy water drainage in monsoon. The repair costs have been estimated for Rs. 30 lacs and the job is expected to be over soon.

Joshi said, “Service lane is one area which nobody pays attention to. Here the level of these lanes was not proper due to which water logging was happening. Now since rains are here, we need to be prepared for the drainage. Consequently we are leveling these lanes so that the water drains out from the center.”

Talking about the need of maintaining service lanes Joshi commented, “This part should actually be maintained for the time of emergency. People also can use this for shifting heavy household stuff in and out. I also got a feedback from the residents that they wanted their domestic help to reach their places through the service lanes to maintain privacy. Also people can park their two-wheelers in the backyard if there is a proper service lane maintained.”

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The residents on the other hand are quite optimistic about the effort and all praise for the councilor who gave this a thought. People told that the lanes were in bad condition and always dirty. Because there was no maintenance, some irresponsible people were also using the space as a large dustbin. There was an urgent need for this repair and now we look forward to a cleaner sector.


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