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Shaktimaan Movie Teaser Review in Hindi, Release date, Cast, Story

Shaktimaan Movie Teaser Review in Hindi, Release date, Cast, Story: The television show Shaktimaan, which was a hit in the 90s on television, is once again coming to show its colours. Want to tell that Sony Entertainment Pictures has made a big announcement on social media that they are going to bring Shaktimaan’s film on the big screen.

Shaktimaan Movie Teaser Review in HindiShaktimaan Movie Teaser Review in Hindi

It is being said that the filmmaker and Mukesh Khanna who was seen in the role of Shaktimaan in the most popular show are planning for this film. The good thing is that preparations are being made to make Shaktimaan like Avenger in different parts. Mukesh Khanna says that this is no less than a dream.

At present, who is going to play the character of Shaktimaan has not been revealed yet but the search for a bigger face is on. But one thing is certain that if Shaktimaan 2 is really released then it can leave behind RRR and KGF2 as well. Want to tell that Shaktimaan is going to come in a new avatar, yes your childhood is going to come in a new avatar.

Shaktimaan Movie Release Date and More Details

Few days back Mukesh Khanna said that he is going to bring Shaktimaan back on the big screen. Want to tell that whatever is going to be made is going to be of higher level i.e. next level than Krish and Ravana. Let us tell you that Shaktimaan was the first superhero of the 90’s era who was given a lot of love by the audience.

At that time, along with the children, elders also used to leave work and sit in front of the TV. Once again we are going to see a new avatar of Shaktimaan. The way it is being spoken about on social media, according to that, Shaktimaan can be seen in 4K. The kind of talk that is coming, a very good filling is coming out.

But it could be even better as there is less live animation and more 3D animation. Want to tell that Shaktimaan, which is going to be the most awaited, has a glimpse of Mumbai city in the background along with the people of Shaktimaan. But the big news is that some big Bollywood star is going to play the role of Shaktimaan. When do you think Shaktimaan can be released?

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