Sonu Sood and Kriti Sanon kick starts the Gillette ‘Will You Shave’ campaign in Chandigarh


Sonu Sood and Kriti Sanon advocate the clean shaven look
as a mantra for success as it enables to seize everyday opportunities
The event kick starts the Gillette ‘Will You Shave’ campaign in Chandigarh
and encourages all men to shave with the new Gillette MACH3 Turbo

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Sonu Sood and Kriti Sanon came together on a common platform to launch the ‘Will You Shave’ campaign in Chandigarh. Opportunities can come to anyone at anytime hence they encouraged men across the country to be clean shaven to portray a confident look and grasp everyday opportunities. This was done via an active engagement in a debate on luck v/s confidence with Sonu. Heagreed that being prepared, developing a habit of everyday shaving gives men confidence;heal so shared some of their personal anecdotes on the importance of being prepared to seize everyday opportunities.Kriti,a strong supporter of the clean shaven look shared her preference that men look their best when they are clean shaven.

The duo also launched the new and improved Gillette MACH3Turbo, an advanced razor that provides a closer shave and guarantees zero redness.Sonu also shaved on stage with the razor to demonstrate how its nano thin blades are progressively aligned to extend gradually closer to the hair, resulting in a close shave in a single stroke. As an added feature, the blades are individually spring mounted to automatically adjust to different levels of shaving pressure and skin types. The new Gillette MACH3 Turbo also has a front-pivoting head ensures the razor moves fluidly over the contours of the face. Gillette MACH3Turbo combines additional innovations including Anti-Friction™ blades, an ultra-soft protective skin guard and a patented lubrication system. The new product benefits and features are:

  • Opportunities can come anytime, Sonu Sood and Kriti Sanon came together on a common platform to launch the ‘Will You Shave’ campaign in Chandigarh
  • The handle features knurled elasto meric crescents and metal grooves that provide great handling and control when shaving, and a sleek, modern design with a titanium-like finish
  • Three anti-friction™ blades glide through beard hair for comfortable shave
  • The ultra-soft skin guard consists of ten thin micro fins that gently manage the skin and hair
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The indicator lubricating strip features a lubrication system, which helps improving razor glide and ads to shaving comfort.  The green stripe fades with use to signal when men are no longer getting the optimal MACH3 Turbo shave

[blockquote author=”The Handsome Bollywood actor, Sonu Sood said,” pull=”pullright”] “Being confident is the first step to being a successful man. I believe if a man feels and looks confident, he is prepared to seize any opportunity that comes his way, which can happen at any day and at any time. I believe in being well groomed and clean shaven helps me face the world with confidence and take success in my own hands. Rather than depending solely on luck to pave your road to success it is necessary for a man to be prepared and ready to grab any opportunity that comes knocking on the door. The new and improved Gillette MACH 3 Turbo razor enables men to be clean shaven and ready to face the world with a close shave in one stroke.The independently moving spring-mounted blades sense and adjust to every contour of the face, adding to the closeness and comfort of the shave. So now your turn to face the question, opportunity is waiting at every step of your life, Will you Shave?”[/blockquote]

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[blockquote author=”Agreeing with Sonu, gorgeous actress Kriti Sanon said,” pull=”normal”]“I agree with the 75% of women who feel clean shaven men are confident.I feel stubblemakes men look lazy and unkempt. I prefer men in my family and my co-stars to be clean shaven as they look more attractive, confident and ready to face the dayand seize daily opportunities. I have come across men who weren’t ready or confident and when the opportunity was present; they were left red faced with embarrassment.I am glad that with the New MACH3 Turbo, men can be clean shaven and feel confident with a close shave in a single stroke. I have witnessed this today thatMACH3 enables men to avoid being red faced and be ready instead. So my simple question to all the men, opportunity is waiting to be seized, Will you Shave?”[/blockquote]

The New Gillette MACH 3 Turbo with zero redness guarantee and titanium-like finish priced at INR 200 only is available in retail outlets across the country.


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