STAR Plus brings MasterChef India 4 – Vegetarian!



NewZNew (Chandigarh) : MasterChef, a brand in culinary talent, has been an inspiring platform for so many cooking fanatics in the country. And now hot on the heels of three successful seasons of MasterChef India comes the 4th season of the show. Celebrity chef Vikas Khanna, judge of MasterChef India 3, visited the beautiful city of Chandigarh for city auditions for the forthcoming season -MasterChef India-4. It’s the time when great cooks from all over India will be armoured with the spatula, pans, aprons and will amaze the country with their food play of fancy gourmet dishes, exotic desserts and rich Indian food.

Speaking about the audition phase of MasterChef India 4, Vikas Khanna said, “I am extremely excited to be in Chandigarh today, especially to talk about a show that is close to my heart – MasterChef India. It’s a nostalgic feeling to be here today. MasterChef India gives an opportunity to the great cooks in India to show the world their culinary skills. This show sets a great platform giving an opportunity to showcase the innate cooking talent of so many people and making their dreams come true. I urge the people of Chandigarh to come for the auditions and showcase their culinary marvels and kitchen prodigies. MasterChef India gives cooking enthusiasts from all walks of life a reality show platform and a chance to create a storm and portray their stunning skills.”

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Commenting further on the forthcoming season, Vikas Khanna said, “This season is extremely special as MasterChef India- 4 will be vegetarian. India has a rich heritage of vegetarian food which has not been celebrated so far. This current season will give a chance to the vegetarian cooking enthusiasts who have not been able to participate in the last three seasons because they do not cook non-vegetarian food. This season will give a chance to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians to come and display their vegetarian cooking marvels.”

Breaking the conventional path of vocational driven education, STAR Plus provides this opportunity to cooking aficionados to shine and amaze the world with their culinary skills and possibly drive their passion into a rewarding career.


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