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Almighty Lord Waheguru’s name is the ultimate divine medicine – Mangal Dhillon

45NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Almighty Lord Waheguru’s name is the ultimate divine medicine for all kinds of ailments. We have solid proofs to prove this fact & after seeing it happening all around for many years & collecting those proofs to convince others, we have decided to introduce this optional but ultimate divine medicine of thy name in hospitals. We have started from PGI Gurdwara Sahib & eventually hope to reach the entire world since the modern world needs it urgently. Our so called modern & educated people find it difficult to believe but the west which we have been trying to ape blindly, has started it long time back in their hospitals & they call it faith healing. So, why should there be any problem for us to accept this fact?

Besides hundreds of other patients with incurable diseases, who got cured with Harinaam, now we have recent case of a cancer patient, who interacted with us in PGI Gurdwara Sahib & practiced the technique of listening to Gurbani with full devotion, concentration with faith. The miraculous result is infront of all of us. Her cancer was completely cured with just 22 days of listening to Gurbani. We urge our friends from media to send accross this postive message of hope to all those who are suffering with any kind of incurable diseases. They also can be cured by Harinaam they way hundreds of other patients have got cured.Moreover the Rx sign made by each Dr. Before writing every prescription is based on the remembrance & devotion to God only, which means, I treat You cure.

“So, after testing it on various people we are introducing it in hospitals now, with the understanding with hospital management’s & doctors, that we are not giving any thing orally, since Lord’s Name can be taken in by ears only”, says Mangal Dhillon. So, we are providing healing shabads from Gurbani, in micro cards with mp3 players, so that the patient, who is suffering can start listening to these shabads through an earphone & it will be as if a drip of divine medicine has been put through his/her years & it will start curing the root cause of his disease, he added. Instead of lying in hospital & waiting for days & days to get cured, he can keep on listening to the healing shabads & convert his pain to medicine by washing away his sins. The disease is a by product of past life sins, so the root cause of disease is sins & to wash our past life sins, there is no other way but Naam. “Vinu navai naahi ko thaon” Guru Sahib has confirmed it.

There is no danger of over dose, more you listen with faith, devotion & concentration, faster you get the relief. This process will not only cure the disease of this life but it will cure all the diseases of all the past, present & future lives. The medicine of thy Name is free, only the charges are for the micro cards, mp3 device & CD. We spend so much money on expensive treatments in hospitals & even after the death of the patient we do not stop going to hospitals, or taking medicines or trusting doctors, but the uniqueness of Devine medicine of thy name is that if some one continues to hear it constantly while lying in hospital, it will either give relief or cure him permanently & getting cured by Naam will connect him with Harinaam, which will remain with him forever. It will help him here & here after & if born again it will keep on blessing that soul through his/ her journey in this entire universe. Instead of lying in pain & worrying about the end result, it is far better to utilize the same time in the ultimate way by listening to thy Name.

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