Steelbird Entertainment Releases Bhajan Album ‘Krishnapriya’ Sung by Singer Anamika Malhotra


NewZNew (New Delhi) : Krishna, Kanhaiya, Govind, Gopal, Nandlal, Brijesh, Kanhaa… As the name suggests, Krishna is an endeavor to create harmony and a blissful environment of peace amidst this present-day scenario of unrest, turmoil and stress. In build-up to the Janamashtamicelebrations, The Devotional Singer Anamika is taking to the stage to regale both music connoisseurs and Krishna devotees with devotional compositions in her album Krishnapriya.


Released by Steelbird Entertainment a division of Steelbird Helmets, Krishnapriya is a collection of 13 melodious Bhajans composed and sung by Ms Anamika Malhotra, hailing from a business background and mother of 2, Anamika is passionate for devotional music from her childhood.

According to Anamika Malhotra, “The name of lord Krishna has attracted and affected her so much that just by taking his name she can feel and see his presence infront of her. Tradition is deeply rooted in soulful Bhajans. Keeping the divine purity alive the bhajan album Krishnapriya is with full of fresh influences shining through in the music I am sure the language and depth of feeling in these bhajans will touch the hearts of the listeners”

Mr. Rajeev Kapur Managing Director, Steelbird said, “Anamika’s soothing voice and her devout love for the almighty formed a perfect blend for the songs. I wish her voice continues to become a connection between God and the religious devotees. The album has beautiful songs dedicated to Krishna sung & composed by Anamika. Steelbird takes pride in releasing the album”

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Steelbird Entertainment is making strong, sure strides in the entertainment industry, encouraging talent to shine by providing them the infrastructure and support they need. Steelbird Entertainment is an entity geared towards providing artist a stable grounding and brings them their due recognition with an abiding faith in their capabilities and promoting their potential to the highest. The first release of Steelbird “Main Thak Gaya” was also a huge hit.

Anamika was born with a silver spoon in her mouth is the term normally used for girls born in affluent family but for a lady like Anamika ,it has to put this way that a silver spoon turned into diamond plated in platinum as she grew up. The family was not just wealthy financially but taught her the true values of humanity, relationships and the power of love. As a child she was the favourite of the three generation living together, her grandparents, her parents and uncles and aunts and her brothers. Such was her intellect that during her adolescent years she was called the “grandmother” of her home.

Her family was God loving and religious due to which she learnt to read “Ramayana” from her grandmother at an early age of 6. All the talks, stories and discussions on God turned her into a God loving person that she is today. She grew up listening to the melodious voice of her mother singing praises of the almighty. She was married at an early age and was soon blessed with a son and a daughter. With the encouragement and unstinting support from her husband Anamika soon started reading great epics like Shrimad Bhagwat Gita ,Vishnu Purana, Brahmavairvat Purana, Narada Vishnu Purana and started writing her own prospective and understanding of these great Hindu epics during her childhood while listening to great Bhajans singers like Anup Jalota, Kiran Madan, Mridul Krishana Shastri.

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She always had a dream hidden in one corner of her heart that is to sing in the praise of Lord Krishna and spread his message of love one and all. She is learning classical music from reverent Guru and doing her master’s from Bhatkhande Sangeet Vidyapeeth Lucknow. She says her name of lord Krishna has attracted and affected her so much that just by taking his name she can feel and see his presence in front of her.


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